Barack H. Obama: do not squander what George W. Bush has delivered to you

A U.S. Army that NO ONE believes is a “paper tiger” anymore. As Debra Saunders wrote:

“How will history judge Bush?

“Osama bin Laden once told Time magazine that the U.S. withdrawal from Somalia after the murder of 18 U.S. troops on a humanitarian mission made him realize “more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat.” Members of al-Qaida have told intelligence officials they never thought Washington would respond to the 9/11 attacks as ferociously as Bush responded. They expected a few bombs to be dropped, no boots on the ground, a swift withdrawal if casualties mounted — the usual short-attention span foreign policy that warped Lebanon, the Persian Gulf War, Somalia, the African embassy bombings and the attack on the destroyer Cole.

“Bush showed America’s enemies a country that does not retreat in fear, does not bomb with impunity, and most important, does not desert civilians or foreign governments that trust us. If you think that doesn’t matter, look at Libya, which disarmed its weapons program. And see how much easier Obama’s presidency will be because Bush kept the faith.

“Osama bin Laden may live, most likely quivering in a cave. And no one thinks America is a paper tiger anymore.”

AMEN, Sister!

4 responses to “Barack H. Obama: do not squander what George W. Bush has delivered to you

  1. just another wonderful article to piss of the Liberals among us. I can’t find it believable that JGF or whatever he calls himself and his SuperFreak wife actually allowed their son to join the military. I bet the kid did it to show how Americans support our government and to get away from his parents.

    I guess now when Joe wants to call me names like “2 Star Mother” I can call him a 1 star asshole!

    I happen to enjoy the fact that our girls are brave enough to defend the good people of Iraq, unlike Joe the coward.

  2. I would be honored if my children chose to serve. Probably if I had served, it would have been easier to voice my opinion to them. I was a young punk hippie when I graduated from high school. The draft was abolished by then. Even then, I considered enlisting. A distant friend from high school called me a couple of times as a recruiter. But the military was loathed by hippies back then, and the Nam war and our inglorious retreat and subsequent abandonment of our allies by the DEMOCRATS allowed South Vietnam to be defeated. Enlisting wasn’t too popular back then. Then next and last time that I considered it I was 25 and graduated from law school. A buddy had joined the Navy JAG Corp, and he allllllmost had me talked into it. Who knows where I would have ended up…

  3. I disagree with Bush on alot of things but I am thankful he did what he thought was right instead of what would be most popular. Great post JD

    Frankie, I have told you before but let me tell you again, your girls are very brave to do what they do. I cant imagine the worrying that parents of these young folks go through. Very few people can be the parent of a hero, but you doubled that. I am very grateful to all the men and ladies in our armed forces.

  4. Thank you both, and anyone else that supports our troops!

    Did you read the article in the DNR about the Vietnam Traveling Wall coming to town in April?

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