OMG! Obama is embarrassingly stupid

He is supposed to have been a law professor? And his statement was prepared in advance, so this isn’t some off the cuff uhm, ugh, uhm, ugh moment. What a moron he must think we are.  He made this statement to give cover to the whitey Dems who are going to try to deny Burress The Messiah’s Senate seat:  

“Roland Burris is a good man and a fine public servant, but the Senate Democrats made it clear weeks ago that they cannot accept an appointment made by a governor who is accused [ACCUSED? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Bubba was accused of a lot of things, that didn’t stop the Dems from accepting his appointments.] of selling this very Senate seat [He never got around to selling it yet, dumbass. The Chicago Tribune spilled the beans before your boy Rahm could come to terms with Hizz Honor.],”  Obama said in a statement. “I agree with their decision, and it is extremely disappointing that Governor Blagojevich has chosen to ignore it. [The NERVE of Blagojevich! Thinking he can continue to fulfill his constitutional duties until he is given a fair trial and before he is given a fair impeachment! I’m The Messiah! I own him!] I believe the best resolution would be for the Governor to resign his office [Yeah, like Bubba did. Ooops. Never mind.] and allow a lawful and appropriate process of succession [Hello. Dipshit supposed legal scholar. The “lawful and appropriate process of succession” is for Blago to be impeached, something that hasn’t happened yet. Wake up.] to take place. While Governor Blagojevich is entitled to his day in court, the people of Illinois are entitled to a functioning government and major decisions free of taint and controversy.” [This is Illinois, moron. Get real. They are entitled only to the best government money can bribe. You ought to know. You cut your political teeth there.]

4 responses to “OMG! Obama is embarrassingly stupid

  1. JD, isn’t it odd that he came out with a statement on this yet has been silent thus far on the situation in Gaza? I mean, there hasn’t even been a “I hope for a speedy resolution to the crisis and call on both to adhere to a cease-fire” crap, at least as far as I know.

  2. Either he’s waiting for his advisors to tell him what to say, or he knows politically there is no easy answer, and no solution, so why jump in before he has to. I lean towards the former. No way in hell is he just deferring to GWB Admin until he gets in office. Too much vanity.

  3. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

  4. He he. Yeah, but I can see why they call him “Blago”–BLAH! GO!

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