Has the NAACP Outlived it’s Usefulness?

Has the NAACP outlived it’s usefulness? If you read what Bob Parks has to say here and Deneen Borelli says here , it would seem so. Kevin Martin says if the NAACP votes for this resolution, it will certainly enforce everyone’s opinion that the NAACP is now just a shill for the progressive left here .

The new Black Panthers believe  white people should be killed. Seems like there’s another group of people, ( Muslim Extremists), who want everyone different than them to be killed.  The new Black Panthers…just another Hate Group. With any luck, they will find their rightful place on the ash heap of history, soon to be forgotten, for sure their presence on the American stage to be hailed as one brief, dark moment in American history.

Mike…aka thatmrgguy

cross posted from thatmrgguy

2 responses to “Has the NAACP Outlived it’s Usefulness?

  1. NAACP is just a bunch old reverse racist causing racial discourse. They are like a bunch of Glass shop owners going around breaking windows so they can stay in business.

  2. Very good analogy Jim. Thanks for commenting.

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