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New Black Panthers protesting SC dragging death – North Carolina & Regional – Wire – TheSunNews.com

According to the sources in the article, the defendant and victim were friends. I’m really appalled by the murder and the horrendous aftermath. But to consider it a “hate crime”? Two friends had an argument and one killed the other. It’s murder of a highly aggravated nature, but it isn’t a “hate crime”. It’s not considered a “hate crime” when a Black defendant drags a White victim behind a truck, is it? What’s the difference? Both men were Americans.

The new black panthers are just another “race-baiting” group along the same lines as the NAACP and the Rainbow Coalition run by Jessie Jackson. I remember The Black Panthers. These guys, the new black panthers, are rank amateurs!

New Black Panthers protesting SC dragging death – North Carolina & Regional – Wire – TheSunNews.com.


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UPDATE from Saturday in the park;

At Wise Park, New Panther Party Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz told the crowd that law enforcement was monitoring the event, but that security would be provided by his own supporters in the black community.

“So we will secure our own march,” Shabazz said. “Brothers you all are deputized. All of the Crips, the Bloods, the Vicelords, we all are one black family.”

Well now, that’s real nice…just “deputize” some of the worst elements in the Black community. Shabazz Mumbo-Jumbo is a f@&king idiot!

B.S. Removal (B.H.O. Removal?)

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Lipton T. Bagg Leaves Left Coast Resistance, Heads To Gulf Course To “Manage” BP Spill Coverage


I hereby, and with great regret, submit my resignation from the Left Coast Resistance, effective 01 August, 2010.  I have accepted a position in the Gulf Coast area, so I will be able to witness and report first-hand on the effects of the BP oil contamination and government (mis)handling thereof.

As a lifelong left coast resident (military service notwithstanding) I have witnessed the highs and lows of life in what I consider the most beautiful state in America, California.  It saddens me to see what she has become in the hands of incompetent Liberals and to a lesser extent, RINOs. However, I am leaving her in the most capable of hands…

Our vaunted Left Coast resistance team is strong, vibrant and carrying the truth to the people. With the help of The War Planner, Joy McCann @ Little Miss Attila, Opus #6 @ MAinfo, Tim @ Left Coast RebelOdie @ The WoodstermanClifton@ Another Black ConservativeLilac Sunday and the many others not listed, I have no doubt California CAN again be the shining star she once was.

Please don’t forget our community based teams such as SJC Americans! The Browns and their team in southern Orange County, CA. are fighting hard to keep their community safe and right-minded.  SJC Americans is a great example of successful community activism, and an excellent template for those who are currently on the sidelines thinking “we can’t make a difference”.


My blog will NOT be going away (apologies to our regular list of mindless Liberal trolls) nor will I quit writing with JD, Mike and yes, even our resident Liberal Fossil Gramps (we love ya, Ol’ Man!).  You will however notice a change in focus with my articles once I get settled into my Gulf Coast offices.   I will be blogging on some regional issues,  Marco Rubio’s candidacy (as there is a very good chance I will be working a bit with his campaign) to go along with national issues.  My heart remains in California – at least the California I used to know – and I will continue to support our Left Coast Resistance from afar.

With kind regards and gratitude,
Lipton T. Bagg