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Mosab Hassan Granted Amnesty!

I believe this was the right – and upright – decision by DHS officials.  Any man who works to destroy radical Islam should be not only given amnesty but the thanks of a grateful country.

Mosab Hassan was more shocked than anyone when a Department of Homeland Security official announced in immigration court today that government officials had changed their mind about him.

Yesterday they saw him as a “threat to U.S. national security.” Today they say he’s welcome to stay in the United States and become a citizen.

Why the change of heart? DHS officials won’t say, but public pressure, Congressional support for Hassan and the word of an Israeli intelligence agent likely all played a part.

Mosab Hassan was born in the West Bank, the son of one of the leaders and founders of Hamas, the Palestinian militant group considered a terrorist organization by the US.

In his early 20s, Hassan became disillusioned with Hamas, and ultimately became a spy for Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence agency.

His handler, Gonen Ben Itzhak, told Fox News that Hassan saved American, Jewish and Palestinian lives. We aired our exclusive interview with Ben Itzhak on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning Homeland Security had changed its position on Mosab.

What is strange is that one would think the information we reported could have been found and corroborated by Homeland Security with a few phone calls to their Israeli counterparts. Instead they pursued a long and expensive legal case against a man who appears to be a hero, who appears to be committed to fighting terror. And a man who now promises to help the US fight the threats against it. Common sense it seems has finally prevailed among the bureaucrats of Homeland Security.

Since this was obviously the morally correct position, I can only assume neither Obama nor “Big Sis” were involved in the decision.




Five of these are being specially built, and price starts at $35K

Now can somebody tell me how the wheels work with no spokes or hubs?

John D

Must Watch Video!…Pete Stark Ridicules Constituents

This Ed McMahen  look-a-like should have retired years ago. In a room full of American citizens, many of them naturalized, Legal Immigrants, in Fremont, California, this jackass, Pete Stark, shows nothing but contempt for the people who he works for. This “man”, who campaigned on the fact that his predecessor had been in office too long, 28 years, has been in office for 38 years. From the comments made by the folks in that townhall meeting, I’d say “Mr.” Stark’s days are numbered as a representative of the Fremont district. At least we can hope.

Watch video here>

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Kagan embraces notion of living Constitution

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is calling the Constitution a living document, saying its framers wrote it to last through ever-changing circumstances.

Her remarks in an exchange with Sen. Patrick Leahy on the second day of confirmation hearings touched on suggestions by Republican critics that she would legislate from the bench.

It just gets “better and better”.  Mizzzz Kagan is already showing her true colors before she’s confirmed. Mizzzz Kagan thinks the Constitution is open to interpretation, meaning that, it means whatever the Court decides it means. That’s what it seems she means when you read or hear her comments.

Am I wrong on this?

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Kagan Thinks Constitution is ” Interpretable”

While Kagan did say that some parts of the Constitution are absolute, such as the requirement that a person must be 30 years old to run for the Senate, She also said that there were also parts of the Constitution that were open to “interpretation”.

So, what does that mean? Which provisions of the Constitution are ” interpretable”? Which amendments to the Constitution does Elena Kagan think are open to interpretation.  Would it be the first?, or the second?…How about the fourth or fifth amendments?

Why do the Democrats always push progressive judicial appointments? Is there something tremendously wrong with the Liberal mind?

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Today is my brother’s birthday

I haven’t spoken with him in probably fifteen years.  I haven’t seen him in twenty-three years.

It started out in an innocuous manner.  He dumped his girlfriend of many years, and whom the family loved, and married some widow Polack who supposedly got a lot of money from insurance when her first husband died.  I didn’t really care for her, but she seemed to make him happy.  They treated me fine when I went to visit them with my new wife.  We had a great time going to see the Tigers play.  I wasn’t living in Michigan and only got up there for visits 1-2 times per year.  Continue reading

I’ll take the Number 5 with a “happy ending”

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Me love you love time...

A fitting eulogy for Sen. Byrd

Directly from Moonbattery:  “White Sheets to be flown at Half Mast Today”

“White n—-rs everywhere have declared a day of mourning. …From open racism in the civil rights era, to a narcissistic obsession with having things names after himself, to destructive levels of spending in the service of vote-buying, Byrd epitomized much of the worst of the Democrat party’s tendencies.”

“We don’t need to speak ill of the dead, but if we are honest, we must acknowledge there is little if anything to be proud of in Senator Byrd’s long senate legacy. To his credit, however, he never killed a campaign worker while driving drunk over a bridge or joined another senator in making a waitress sandwich. His personal and family life seem to have been relatively decent for a Democrat senator.”

“The search is on now for a Democrat bench-warmer to hold the seat and vote in mindless lockstep with Reid, Schumer, and Durbin. Who’ll start the bidding? After all, a senate seat is “a f–king valuable thing.” And a West Virginia senate seat is apparently a life-long position.”

Sorry, I could not help myself.  You know that when a conservative dies, liberal dirtbags come out of the word work to trash them. No, I”m not better than them.  They fight with fire, and so do I.  I’m come to grips with it.   Since I can live with it, I hope all y’ all can accept me for how I am.  Or at least look past it. 

John Doe

How to stop the anarchists from protesting?

Sorry.  Those protesters burning vehicles bring out the worst in me.  I. Would. Like. Some. Of. Them. Hurt.   RREEAAL BAD.  

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want people hurt in general. I think in the long run it is best for society. If people who are protesting know that they could be hurt, real bad, they might think twice before protesting.  People get hurt when protesters burn things and get out of control.  Remember the people who fried when the Greek protesters burnt the bank.  Shoot a few of them.  Jail more of them. Get control.  This almost seems like it is a sport, where these mindless fruitcake go from venue to venue as professional protesters.  Give them a little something to worry about next time. 


Want less of this? Jumping on police car before burning it

More of this! Rubber bullets. Not as effective as lead, but it will do


John Doe

Sports Imitating Life – FIFA Edition

Seen today on The Sun (UK) Website – referring to the defeat of England’s soccer team in World Cup play:

By sheer coincidence, I found a similar note about “America’s Team” (said tongue in cheek, I assure you):

See?  Sports does at times imitate life!

Is it November yet?????