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Why we drink beer?

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It takes a kitteh

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Novel, Chapters 10-12

Chapter Ten: “It’s a long way to Richmond

After stopping to put on my boots, I hauled ass out of that general vicinity.  I knew roughly how to get back to Route 250.  I circled around, steering clear of the cabin and my ex-landlord, and made it out there just before sunset.  On the way to the road, I took stock. I had lost all my gear. I had less than twenty bucks in my pocket.  Fall was setting in the mountains, and I had a summer shirt and a wool blanket to keep warm. Oh, and no food and now no canteen.  I said to hell with it, I was going to try to go back to Richmond.

 I got on the south side of Route 250 and stuck out my thumb at the first vehicle to come along. I was just at the top of a hill, with pretty steep grades going both ways.  A fuel oil truck came struggling along from the west and stopped and I hopped in. 

 “Where you headed?”

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Why won’t Obama travel to Arizona?


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