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Novel, Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: Anne’s fate

I made sure I was outside of Anne’s house early enough the next morning so as not to attract attention so that I could catch her leaving for school.  I had tried several times to call her, always receiving a message that “The number you have dialed is no longer receiving messages.”  I ducked down in Craig’s truck and waited, hoping that nobody would notice me.  I had no idea when school teachers left for school, but when it seemed as though she wasn’t leaving the  house, I went to the door and knocked softly, hoping that Mrs. Kerns wasn’t out and about.  Or was it Mrs. Kramer? Whatever.

 An older gentleman answered, about the time that I was going to give up.  Crew cut, sixty to sixty-five, obviously in fine shape, with just a little skin tone surrendered to gravity. 

 “John Danielson I presume.” Continue reading