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“Why not Jeb Bush?”

Before I read the article I almost screamed, “Because he’s a fucking Bush!”  Thankfully, my lovely and sweet daughter is home, so I refrained from cursing.  Sort of. 

Then I read the article and the guy made sense.  It is G.W. who is hated by a large percentage of the country.  The country still respects Father Bush.  Jeb was very popular in Florida when he was Governor. It probably is not fair to distrust a man just because of how his father and brother did when they were elected President.

I despise anything similar to a dynasty but the fact is if it is fine for the Clintons and Kennedys to have political dynastys, it is fine for the right to do so as well.   I just want to win in 2012, and right now I don’t see anybody who is jockeying for position who is better than Jeb.

Sorry to sound like a little girl, but the article did change my way of thinking.  Probably written by somebody with Bush connections who is practicing mind-control over me.  Somebody help me. Am I falling for the Bush Texas Two Step again? 

John Doe

Not the black bitch’s man!

We here at Smash Mouth are firmly devoted to not being the black bitch’s men.  This is Official Company Policy.  We don’t cotton to bitchs of any color, race, creed or ethnicity.  So that bitch who claims she is “NOT the white man’s bitch” can’t be talking about us.  That is all.  Mebbe she’s talkin about Gramps?


Two girls and boobs

mildly nsfw

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