Daily Archives: July 23, 2010

Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

From Pajama’s media is my “must read” article of the day.  Remember kiddies, there are five A in raaaaacist!

On the topic of racism, imagine if conservatives were responsible for the deaths of tens millions of black babies.  You could not invent a more sinister plot than a bunch of conservative business men and politicians sitting in a back room smoking cigars and drinking single malt Scotch whisky.  One comes up with the diabolical plan: 

“How can we eliminate as many blacks from our society as is legally possible?  We can’t ship them all back to Africa.  Lynching is becoming too difficult to avoid punishment!”

Another speaks up:   “I know!  Let’s encourage them to have abortions!  Let’s open free clinics in poor neighborhoods.  We’ll even make the tax payers pay for the tab!  It will be worth it to keep all those icky black babies from being born and growing up to be n!gg%rz.”

” What shall we name our new plan?”

” How about something benign such as Planned Parenthood?”   

“Excellent idea, Thurston!  Bartender, poor my friend another Glenfiddich! Put it on Daddy’s tab.”

“Why thank you, Trip.” Continue reading