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Some Sunday Celtic Rock

I remember finding this album in the bargain bin at a record store in Kaiserslautern, Germany back in 1978. I was pleasantly surprised by their music. The album seems to tell a story progressing with each song.

For your listening pleasure, Mike

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Descent Into Hell

A short story (fiction)

His earliest memory was his mother loving him.  Then at age 4, she died in a car wreck. She was driving, he was her only passenger.  She was thrown from the car, after she ran a stop sign.  He listened to her die all the way to the hospital.  Continue reading

Novel, Chapter 6


Chapter Six: Finally, I catch a break

The tenseness on her face seemed to melt away.  She gave a sigh, and I heard a muffled click.  I had not noticed that her right hand had been in her baggy pant pocket until just then. She carefully pulled her hand out, holding a Derringer .45 caliber single shot.  “Sorry, a gal can’t be too careful.”  The noise had been her un-cocking it.

 I couldn’t hold back a smile.  I carefully pulled my revolver out, pointed it in the opposite direction that she was standing and opened it up to show her that it was empty.  After my close call with the old man and the kids, I had vowed that no civilian would be hurt, even accidentally, by any of my actions.  After thinking it over, I was not too sorry that the state trooper got hit instead of me.  He had been trying to kill me.

 I tried to break the awkward silence.  “How often do you get out here?”  Continue reading

We;re Ready to Upchuck Here!

This young lady’s telling it like it is!

Via Stephen Kruiser

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NAACP Wants to Make Neverland a State Park

It’ll never work. What kind of attractions are they going to have? Hmmm…”This is the pedophilia room where you can experience the joy Micheal felt when he molested young boys”. Or…” Here is where Micheal and his Chimp, Bubbles, romped and played”. Read the story here.

Give me a f#@king break! I’m soooo glad I don’t live in that state anymore. Guess you’re moving just in time LTB. 😉

Mike…aka thatmrgguy

Better Put Down That “Big Mac”

It’s happened again. The overreaching Feds have made a new regulation; Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records. Read the article here.

Here’s the scenario…you’re in McDonalds just starting to gulp down that quarterpounder and fries, when all of a sudden, someone comes up behind you and says, I’m from HHS…takes the hamburger from you and hands you a Tofu sandwich and a handful of Asparagus. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, how about you?

As “Mad Max” on the John Boy and Billy Show* says; “You can have my Big Mac when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers”.

*  Syndicated Southern humor on the radio across the south and much of the East coast and Midwest.

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