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sECULAR sTUPIDEST – David Bugnon- #Kagan #Obama #liberty #visual art

Best damn picture of this “woman” I’ve seen.

sECULAR sTUPIDEST – David Bugnon- #Kagan #Obama #liberty #visual art.


Novel, Chapter 8-9



Chapter Eight: On the road again

The days and nights were getting cooler.  After my run in with the ranger I moved my camp deeper into the woods.  I was pretty certain that nobody had seen the car yet; it was hidden in a good spot and well camouflaged. But the fall hunting season was fast approaching, and I knew that hunters would soon hit the woods in force.  And I certainly could never make it out here all winter. Continue reading

Good News: Shirley Sherrod is no longer racist! Bad News: NAACP still is racist!

The “news” is that a full tape of Shirley Sherrod giving a speech to the NAACP shows that though she initially discriminated against a white farmer because of his race, towards the end of her dealing with him she stopped discriminating against him and actually put forth her best effort to help him.  Plus, this was a lesson that she learned years ago so presumably she is no discriminates against people based upon their race. 

Her lesson learned?  She learned that this isn’t about a struggle between races, it’s a struggle between rich and poor. Oh, just fucking swell!  Now she no longer discriminates against white people, she discriminates against those whom she considers “rich,” whatever the  hell being “rich” means.  I sure hope that she never has official governmental dealings with me!  Even though my family and friends know I’m not rich, she might mistakenly conclude that I am.   Sorry, bitch:  I don’t want any governmental employee discriminating against anybody, be they rich or poor, black or white, man or woman.  Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on  your way out. 

But what is really news is that the NAACP, at least those in attendance at her speech, still are racist!  She told the story of how she mistreated a white farmer strictly because he was white, and sent him to “one of his kind” a white lawyer for help. None of those listening knew in advance that she would eventually learn her lesson and actually help the white farmer.  As she was saying how she discriminated against him based on his race, none of them condemned her.  Instead, it was similar to listening to a black preacher on T.V. in front of his black congregation (minus the “amen”s).  They laughed. 

That speech [relevant portion begins at 17:33] was given just a few months ago.  That means that those in attendance, all members of the NAACP, are still racists. And the NAACP claims that the Tea Party is raaaaacist, without any proof whatsoever. 

Now, some astute readers might be thinking that those listening were just being polite.  I say bullshit.  Imagine if it was a white Republican giving that speech before them and she was talking about discriminating against a black farmer solely because of his race. You think that those racists would sit there and laugh about it? 

If you are white, and always wondered what a typical black person thinks about you and says about you behind your back, this is a perfect opportunity to learn the truth.  You are not “their kind.”  They don’t have any obligation to treat you fairly, in a non-discriminatory manner.  The only difference between the NAACP and “The New Black Panthers” is that the latter are open and honest about how they feel, while the former just shares their true feelings when they think Whitey will never hear about it. 

Meanwhile, 95% of blacks still support the incompetent President, strictly because he is 1/2 black, while the rest of society recognizes that he is an incompetent boob.

John Doe

Quote of the day

“If tax cuts are spending and spending is an investment doesn’t that make tax cuts an investment?”

Posted by commenter called “Ed” on “The Hill” in response to The Moronic Rep. (Cal-R) Pete Stark’s comments in support of his–what else?–moronic bill to tax currency transactions.  Basically, he says it is just a small tax–0.005 percent–and such a tax on dollar transactions would raise $28 billion a year and reduce currency speculation by 14 percent.  “The money raised would be put toward investments in children, global health and climate change mitigation.”

What kind of dumbphuck does this?  It’s okay to raise taxes so long as we spend it to help good causes?  Here’s a clue you imbecile.  We are taxed enough already.  Just stop.  If you have some really good cause to spend our taxes on, spend it.  Don’t squander our taxes on shit that we don’t need, then try to raise more taxes for the really really good causes that still exist because you squandered our money in the first place.  Go die, you stupid arrogant p.o.s.