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American Music

I’ve always liked Ray Steven’s music.

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M. Savage…Stupidest Caller EVER!!!

And this person is allowed to vote???  I think Savage was very restrained in his responses to this caller. I know I would have went off the deep end and really hurt this person’s feelings.

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Novel Chapters 3-4

First, get their attention...

Chapter Three: Big Trouble Now 

[REMEMBER, if you missed any chapters, go to the top of the page and click on “Novel” which will have all of the chapters together.]

 I guessed that they were still back at the pond, and that when they got to where the smoker had been, he’d catch grief for letting me slip past him.  All I could do was run as fast as I could through the darkness.  But that was not very fast. I ran into saplings, into low branches, and into fallen limbs. I fell frequently on uneven ground, tripped over unseen objects, and had my face and arms torn and bleeding from brambles and thorns.  My stomach was empty and seemingly starting to devour itself. My muscles were cramping from dehydration.  But I had a burst of adrenaline from the dogs. I knew I had to find some way out, soon, or I would be dead.

 I came upon another road, running perpendicular to my path.  I hoped that the perimeter around where they thought I had been was not this far out.  I took a right and started jogging down the road, away from the general direction of the house and pond. I estimated I was a couple miles away from that road by now, and I wanted to put more distance between it.  But my jogging ended quickly. I had to walk.  I was too out of shape. 

 Up ahead I saw light through the trees.  I slowed, fearing it was another law man, until I saw that it was a house.  I came out of the woods and found that it was an old farm; the land surrounding it was open.  I knew that the owners must know by now that a fugitive was on the loose.  Being subtle would not work.

 I snuck up as close to the house as possible and tried looking in the windows. But after circling the house, I saw that all of the shades in the windows on the first floor of the house were drawn. Light snuck out from the sides but there was not much room to see into the house. I had no idea how many people were inside.  I temporarily thought about trying to hot wire one of there cars. But I had no clue how to do it. I snuck into a nearby tin building, in what appeared to be a tool shed or storage and work area.  I knew I had maybe ten or fifteen minutes, if that, before the dogs, men and helicopter were on me. I was desperate.  I felt around on both sides of the door, found a switch, and a bare light bulb over head came on.  As I quickly closed the door it made an ungodly creaking. 

 In what seemed like forever, but what was really only about a minute I surveyed the room, took in as many details as possible, and made my plan.  I grabbed a propane blow-torch, the tool used to start it, and a five gallon tank of gas.  I turned off the light and headed back to the house.  I doused the ground along the side of the house with gas, while trying to get only a little on the house, then I lit the torch, and then I put the torch to the gas. WHHHHHOOOOOOM!  I had lit a fire about ten feet long close alongside of the house.  Continue reading

File this under “NO SHIT SHERLOCK”

Karl Rove finally admits that he made a mistake allowing Democrats to lie about Bush supposedly lying about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.   For years the White House basically assumed the position and allowed lying thieving Democrat legislators (and their mouth pieces in the media) to completely re-write history and turn G.W. Bush’s greatest strength (at the time), his integrity, into his worst defect.  “Bush lied, troops died!” 

This complete fabrication is proof positive that if you repeat a lie often enough the American public will believe that it is true.  There are dozens of examples of those same people who claimed that Bush lied about WMD had also made the same or similar claims about the WMD.  There are videos of them making speeches.  Yet the White House sat mum for years and allowed them to get away with it.   The GOP lost the House and Senate in large part to that one repeated lie, over and over again. 

Karl Rove, you disgust me.  Sure, I’ll forgive you.  But just get the hell out of here and don’t ever try to sell me that  you are some political genius.  I saw immediately what the left was doing, and have been screaming for years that the White House should have fought back vigorously.  You sir, screwed up.  And I know I was not alone in the many voices that contemporaneously demanded that you fight back.  Yours was not mere inadvertence, it was gross  political malpractice.

John Doe