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My kids

He  he.  It’s a shirt made to look like the chick has tats.  Who wouldn’t want one?


Nah! We ain’t poor white trash! 

John Doe’s son and daughter in law.  They are just jokin’ around.

Violent protests after Calif train killing verdict

I have two unrelated questions here. #1. Why would authorities make tazers where the handle,(grip), so closely matches the grip of a handgun that a police officer in the heat of the moment might not be able to tell the difference and grab the wrong weapon? Imagine if the officer had really needed his handgun and grabbed the tazer. ( bringing a knife to a gunfight anyone?) What happened to the old standby, the “billy club”? Back in the day, I knew some officers who could draw the club and profusely beat you about the head and shoulders with it without leaving a mark, but severely incapacitate you.

Unrelated question #2. Why do protesters at these kinds of events always seem to think that rioting, looting and vandalizing property is the “right thing to do”? I guess some of the rioters needed some new “Air Jordans” and some new “bling”. Are they just “seizing the moment” as it were? “Never let a crisis go to waste” ring a bell?

Since the officer in question was White and the victim was Black, now the DOJ is going to get involved, possibly filing federal charges against the officer. (Another case of the Fed getting involved in a State’s business.) Yet, the DOJ dropped charges of voter intimidation in the “New Black Panthers” case where the Black Panthers were standing outside the polls with clubs refusing entry to voters they didn’t think would vote the way they thought they should. And there’s some question that they might be pursuing a dropping of the charges against the people charged with assaulting Kenneth Gladney.

From the AP;

OAKLAND, Calif. – Violent protests erupted in Oakland with stores damaged and dozens arrested after a Los Angeles jury convicted a white former transit officer of involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

I don’t know about you all, but the way race relations in this country are going really sickens me. It seemed to me, at least up until this last presidential election, race relations had actually seen some improvement. Then we had ” Obamamania” and they’ve regressed back to the way things were in the early sixties.

That’s my opinion, Mike…aka…thatmrgguy

82 year old man shot illegal aliens who were stealing his trailer

Illegals go free, man charged with attempted murder.  Man saw two men trying to steal his trailer.  He took his gun outside to foil their attempt.  They drove off, and according to the man “They almost ran over me.”  He shot at them, and hit one in the face.  Local do-gooder prosecutor has not charged the illegals, even though one confessed to the crime.  He has howevere charged the victim with twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder. 

Now I know that it is illegal to shoot at somebody who is merely stealing your stuff outside of your house.  We do not have the death penalty for theft. So unless you can claim self-defense, you will get charged with a crime.  But I would say that them trying to run him over would qualify.  The real question is why would the prosecutor press charges that he can’t get a conviction on? And not even bother charging the criminals with a case that is a lock?  Hell, not too long ago they hung horse thieves out in that neck of the woods.

The article ends: “Neighbors say the thieves should be the ones facing charges and Wallace should be given an award for protecting the neighborhood.”  I’d defend that old dude for free, unless there is more than is reported.

John Doe

Man takes 11 year old boy home, then freaks out

A man gave a boy a lift home after the boy said he would have to walk 4-6 miles to get home.  Then he freaked out, thinking he might have done something wrong.  Naturally, the freaks on the internet gave him  advice about what he should have done–called the police, called 911, called his parents, let him walk, etc.  But what this illustrates to me is how far down the gutter this country has gone in 30 years.

Going my way?

When I was that age I walked all over the place. Or took my bike.  And I hitch hiked.  One time my grand father picked me up and did not even recognize me until I got in.  Hell, I hitchhiked all the way from Michigan, up through the U.P., then into Wisconsin and Minnesota, into Canada, then all the way across Canada, then down into Washington and Oregon, and then all the way back home.  And I was only 19 years old.  That was the greatest adventure of my life.

In the summers I spent almost as much time camping outside as I did sleeping in my bedroom. The summer when I was eleven my routine during the day was to ride my bicycle the four miles to town.  From there I would get in a bus that drove kids out to a certain lake where we would spend the day swimming and what not.  The bus would take us back to town late in the day, and I would ride my bike home in the evening.  My mom literally would have no clue where I was the entire day.

Sure, sometimes I would say I was doing one thing and then do another.  Sometimes I would stay out all night when I said I was spending the night at a friend’s house. 

When I was thirteen my two guy friends and I tried that with a twist. We got somebody to buy us a bottle of liquor (Southern Comfort–I still hate that shit), then we walked the seven miles or so to where we knew two chicks that we knew were camping out in a barn behind one of their houses.  We picked up the chicks in our walk–my memory is not clear when or where–but we had five youngsters walking along rural roads at night, carrying sleeping bags and drinking whiskey. 

We made it without one person stopping to pester us.  The night was uneventful, until Dave C. fell through the hole in the floor of the loft.  Fortunately he caught himself before falling to the floor. He suffered only scrapes and bruises.  Sadly, he had an accident five years later and became a paraplegic.  But that night we had fun.  We all bedded down for the night.  Continue reading