One Million Hits…Congrats!

Let me be the first to congratulate JD for his one million hits. A significant milestone in any blogger’s career indeed. In about 20 years, perhaps I’ll join that illustrious crowd. 😉

Regards, Mike

4 responses to “One Million Hits…Congrats!

  1. Thanks, Mike. The last few thousands with you and Lipton and Gramps were much more enjoyable than before you gents came along!

  2. Congrats…and may your second million be a masculine million.

  3. Ha ha, Bob.
    Good for you all, they dont give me accurate stat counts on my website….Gee, I wonder why…

  4. MadJewess, go to– just click on the link just below my quote from Patrick Henry. Follow the directions to there. That’s where I got mine counter from. My blog was running a few months before I inserted my counter.

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