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Frum DEVASTATED by the Hick from Arkansas

I’m no fan of Mike Huckleberry, er what’s his name, but he shore did Smash Frum in the Mouth.  Perhaps I’ll give Huck anotha look see if he keeps this up

The one thing that I ever heard that Huck did that I greatly admired was when he was Governor he opened a fund for all liberals to donate to the Government who thought that their taxes were too low.  (I believe it was him.)  He did not get many takers.

John Doe

So I’m writing a novel, chapter II

Chapter Two: Running from the law 


It sounded as though every siren in the entire Commonwealth was headed towards our little neck of the woods. “Janet’s Property”, where we had come to practice our shooting, is tucked away in the middle of nowhere in King William County.  Janet, Craig’s wife, had inherited a large tract of land jointly with a dozen or so other heirs. It was forest land surrounded only by a couple of fields used for farming. It was at the end of an almost five mile dirt road traveled only by farmers, hunters and us. But not that day.  I heard sirens everywhere.    Continue reading