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Old music is good music

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Novel, Chapter 13

Oh, I dint mean to make you NOTICE me

Chapter Thirteen: On the lam

She brought the stuff. I went to a gas station by the express way and went directly into the Men’s Room.  I died my fair hair (with some grey on the sides) and eyebrows dark brown.  I put on horn rimmed glasses. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do. Then I got out of town for awhile, to let the heat die down. To the perfect place. Where they would never look.  I went back to “Janet’s property.” 

 Craig had a little shack there.  It was just about 10 foot by 8 foot shed, with two windows and a door.  There was no insulation, nothing but a couple of cots and a woodstove.  But it was out of sight from all but those who stumbled upon it, or were looking for it. 

 I hid the old truck, and hung out for a few days, eating the jerky and dry cereal and canned pork and beans that Janet had bought me. And sleeping on a hard plywood floor with just a couple of old blankets to keep me warm. And drinking bottled water.  I kept up my walking routine, hiking several miles a day through the woods; while carefully avoiding anything or anywhere that had anything to do with the shootings. When the food and water was almost gone, I decided to head back into Richmond to take care of some un-finished business. Continue reading

Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts could cost about 50%

more in taxes for a married couple filing jointly with a combined income of $100,000.  So much for sticking it to the “rich.”  From an WSJ Blogs.  Follow the links to see how much it might cost  you and your “rich” family.

John Doe

An act of war?

Mexican drug cartel takes over two ranches in the USA.  This sounds too unbelievable to be true, but it is breaking news.  United Conservatives has the story.  (You should be reading their blog site anyway).