Did McCain lose Virginia because he was not moderate enough?

Two of the most partisan Virginia liberal Democrats call out3stooges1 Bob McDonnell for not being a “moderate”?  PuhLEEEAZE.  As if Barack Obama, Timmy Kaine, and Mark Warner are “moderates”?  If those three stooges can hoodwink the electorate into believing they are “moderates” then Bob McDonnell should have no problem doing it himself. If those three stooges can lie about being moderates and get away with it, I see no grounds for Democrats to complain if  McDonnell does the same thing.  That would be taking a page straight out of the Democrat playbook: act and speak as if  a “moderate” during the campaign, then act and speak as an extreme partisan once elected.  

From the Times-Dispatch: “Bob McDonnell’s got a tough sell if he aims to convince Virginians that he’s different from the obstructionist Bob McDonnell that I’ve known for 15 years,” said state Democratic Party Chairman C. Richard Cranwell of Vinton, who served with McDonnell in the House of Delegates.”

“I know Bob McDonnell; Bob McDonnell is no moderate,” said state Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico.”

I got news for Dickie and Donnie–you two are no “moderates” either. That said, frankly it is distasteful to me that McDonnell is playing that game, if he is. I would rather he be true to who he is. I say, stand up for your beliefs, convince people you are right and the opposition is wrong. Then, if you lose, at least you went down swinging.  Ask John McCain how far acting like a spineless “moderate” got him in Virginia during the last election.

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