FINALLY some politician with the guts to tell it like it is to the Obama Administration

51zesqk7q8lSen. Gregg, R-New Hampshire: “The argument that it cuts the debt in half in four years is, ahh, is truly spurious.” (I guess Sen. Gregg won’t be getting any exclusive interviews on T.V. any time soon.)

Merriam Webster:   1: of illegitimate birth bastard 2: outwardly similar or corresponding to something without having its genuine qualities : false<the spurious eminence of the pop celebrity>3 a: of falsified or erroneously attributed origin : forged b: of a deceitful nature or quality <spurious excuses>

He he. There is even a medical syndrome named after the Obama Administration!

“‘The argument that this budget doesn’t have tax increases [on everyone] is, I think, an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ view of the budget,’ he also said.”

 “He also challenged the budget’s math on cutting the debt: ‘When you take the deficit and quadruple it and then you cut it and half, that’s like taking four steps back and two steps forward. That’s not making any progress; you’re still going backwards.’

 Alice in Wonderland syndrome: A syndrome of distorted space, time and body image. The patient with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome has a feeling that their entire body or parts of it have been altered in shape and size. The syndrome is usually associated with visual hallucinations. The majority of patients with the syndrome have a family history of migraine headache or have overt migraine themselves.

The syndrome was first described in 1955 by the English psychiatrist John Todd (1914-1987). Todd named it, of course, for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Perhaps not coincidentally, Lewis Carroll suffered from severe migraine. Also known as a Lilliputian hallucination.

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