Where in the world is Lipton T. Bagg?

Recent theories have circulated the internet.  Some theorize that he has been abducted by a roving band of  sex-crazed women.  Others speculate that he went Gary Brooks Faulkner on us.  Other, less reliable reports claim that he finds the thongs on those Florida beaches more interesting than blogging.

My personal theory is that he is just on a bender,  having not been free from the intense scrutiny of The One Who Must Be Obeyed in quite a while. Once the newness of being totally sloshed gets old, hopefully after a week or two, he will come crawling back and show his pretty mug, and maybe even post an update. 

What’s your theory? 

John Doe

2 responses to “Where in the world is Lipton T. Bagg?

  1. From time to time, “olde hands” like LTB are requested to exercise their professional expertise in the service of those that “brung ‘em to their first dance”…
    For a dude of LTB’s age and physical condition, that can be more than an excruciating experience. Let’s all hope, the olde man’s Timex is still tickin’…

    Call home…LTB!

  2. I just figured he had gone undercover.

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