Daily Archives: August 31, 2010

Who dunt like hawt ladies?

Because We CAN! (Part III)

What, five posts in a row with no photos of beautiful women?  This doesn’t count.

So because we can, we present Margi Faze, 2008 Miss Bikini America and mother of three.  Now that’s motivational!


Lions better than the Redskins?

 At least one very knowledgeable prognosticator has the Detroit Lions ranked higher in his “Pre-Camp Power Rankings” than the Deadskins.  Most people have not been paying attention to the Lions, figuring that they are the same old team that went 0-16 two years ago.  Don’t buy it. They are much improved, and at least on offense will be able to play with anybody. Jahvid Best stats vs. Cleveland last Saturday: 1 carry, 51 yards, 1 catch, 10 yards (then he left the game after a three play touchdown drive).  Fantasy footballers, do not be caught unawares.   Continue reading