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More Alvin Green News

A reporter from WYFF News in Greenville, SC tried to interview Mr. Green, candidate for Senate, at his home after he was indicted on a pornography charge. Alvin Green yelled at the reporter and refused to answer any questions except one. When asked if he would continue the race for the SC Senate against Jim DeMint, he unequivocally said yes, then told the reporter to leave his father’s property. Get out of the public doorway, he said, incoherent as usual.

It seems to me that Mr. Green is finding that being in the public eye isn’t all it’s “crack”ed up to be.



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So, the Ground Zero Mosque is about freedom of religion to the Left?

I am all about freedom of religion, but, it struck me as odd that the Left would be championing the Ground Zero Mosque on those grounds. Warner Todd Huston agrees and looks into the Left’s conveniently timed support of freedom of religion.

As the left falls all over itself to claim that building the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque is the perfect chance to “showcase” our “Constitutional freedoms” and our religious tolerance, there is another state where religious tolerance is not as noticeably on display as it is for New York’s Muslims. Naturally, in Vermont, it is the religious freedom of Christians being denied. To be sure, the Old Media is not nearly as interested in this story. Richard and Joan Downing own a hilltop property in Lyndonville, Vermont and on that property they’ve built a family chapel where they host weekly Catholic services for all. Next to the chapel they have also erected a 24-foot-tall cross called the Cross of Dozulé, a cross that the State of Vermont is insisting that they remove. (Visit The Chapel of the Holy Family website)

How does the State of Vermont justify its demands that the family pull down the cross? Vermont officials are citing environmental regulations that give it the power to determine what sort of construction violates the “aesthetics” of Vermont’s scenery.

OK, so I will expect that any second now, the same Leftists screeching about freedom of religion will be all over this case in Vermont! Any second now I tell ya, yep, they are bound to start standing on their religious freedom soap boxes anytime now….., ah, guys, where are y’all.

OH, that’s right, I forgot, this is the Left we are talking about, they are selective in their tolerance. I guess some religions are, more equal than others?

So Minneapolis paid $165,000 to some zombies

I get that [protesters who were dressed up as zombies as part of their demonstration of some bullshit issue–the cops wrongfully arrested them and left them in jail for two days). What I don’t get is that the city attorney does not seemed to have learned a lesson:

“Minneapolis City Attorney Susan L. Segal said it was in the best interests of the city to settle. “We believe the police acted reasonably, but you never know what a jury is going to do with a case,” she said.”

No, you dumb bitch, it is never “reasonable” for cops to arrest protesters and leave them to rot in jail for two days, and then not to press charges.  With idiots such as you in power the cops will never learn their lesson. 

John Doe

John Hawkins getting spanked for support of HomoCons

I admire Mr. Hawkins, I link to him, and I love his work.  I am wondering if he will re-examine his support for HomoCons based on what I think are the brilliant arguments from many of his readers.   His article in support of HomoCon is here. His arguments are mostly a re-hash of all the liberal claptrap that we are used to hearing, but dressed up in an attempt to sound “conservative.”  We’re all sinners.  HomoCon are really conservative [except for the fact that they advocate for gay rights] and are thus much better than Log Cabin Republicans.  And oh, by the way, why the disapproval of Coulter’s recent decision to give a speech to them when other politicians spoke at Log Cabin rallies. Besides, Right Wing News supports other gay conservative bloggers, and they support us (now if ever there was a stupid, self-serving “reason” for supporting HomoCon, I haven’t seen it). Yes, John Hawkins believes homosexual acts are “sins” but hey, we all sin.  Blah blah blah. 

Some of his posters destroy his arguments better than I ever could:

Florentius wrote:


You wrote: “That being said, guess who else sins? You, me, and everybody else on the planet at the moment. Being aware that I’m a terribly flawed sinner myself keeps me from getting too high and mighty about other people’s sins.”

“This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.”

“Do I sin?


“Am I ashamed and disgusted by my sinful inclinations?


“Do I consider myself to be part of a community of other people who are also subject to the same kinds of sin?


“Do I organize sinners like myself into pressure groups to get political parties, churches, and society at large to understand, recognize, and affirm my sinful behavior?

“NO!” Continue reading

Should Virginia sell its liquor monopoly?

Governor Bob McDonnell proposes that Virginia sell its ABC stores to private purchasers.  I’m from Michigan originally, where you can buy liquor in grocery stores, drug stores or any other store that owns a “liquor license.”  So it was kind of a shock when I moved to Virginny, where you can only buy liquor in ABC stores. 

And beer and wine sales are restricted to before midnight.  Many times I’ve arrived at the nearest gas station five minutes late, only to find that my thirst cannot be quenched unless I drive to the nearest bar, which can legally sell alcoholic beverages until 2:00 a.m. (I think, I don’t know, because I don’t do bars…)  Makes no sense to me unless they are just trying to drive up sales of beer and wine for bars and restaurants.   

I can only address cost and availability anecdotally, but my poker buddies were just discussing how much cheaper they can get certain liquor in other states.  Personally, I’ve been in liquor stores in other states, and they certainly have more variety.  In Virginia, if it ain’t sold at the ABC store, tough shit.  Out of luck.  And of course, being a government-run monopoly, the ABC stores have almost bank-type hours, so good luck on buying liquor when you really need want it.

The obvious reasons for selling it are 1) the government should not be in the liquor sales business, or any other business that private enterprise could do just as well or better; and 2) the ABC stores can be sold for multiple millions of dollars, and 3) competition will ensure lower prices and better variety for the consumers.   

The reasons for not selling are that the ABC stores, being a monopoly, bring in boatloads of money to the state coffers.   Selling them would be giving up boatloads of money that the legislature can dole out as best helps them get and stay elected.

What strikes me as funny is that Bob McDonnell is catching hell from both ends of the political spectrum.  The independent Baptists oppose the sale of the stores because they oppose the sale of liquor.  [Makes perfect sense to me: I oppose liquor sales, so I want my government to do the selling.  Not.]  Liberal groups, not surprisingly, oppose the sale because, well, McDonnell is a conservative, and because liberals love money flowing into the government.  Hey, why not take over all gas stations, or better yet all Wal-Marts,  if your only goal is to have a government controlled monopoly that brings in millions each year?  Oh, crap, did I just say that? Now some liberal politician out there will propose doing that very same thing. 

What do all y’all think?

John Doe

Another reason that the New York Times is irrelevant

A sentence from a NYT’s Editorial, via NRO “The Corner:” “But many of Mr. DeLay’s actions remain legal only because lawmakers have chosen not to criminalize them.”

So it’s come down to this: A House Majority Leader can be forced to resign his position and his elected office based on allegations that certain of his actions might have been criminalized but for the fact that lawmakers have chosen not to criminalize them.  Yeah, and i might have been guilty of speeding if the lawmakers had made the legal speed limit 45 instead of 55. 

What comes to my mind is the immortal phrase attributed to former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan after he was acquitted after a nine month trial  (I paraphrase): “Where do I go to get my reputation back?”  At least back then the liberal press by and large had the decency to condemn the local prosecutor whose baseless charges forced Ray Donovan to resign his cabinet seat in the Reagan Administration. (God be praised for St. Reagan!)

Love him or hate him, “The Hammer” did not deserve to be run out of office on trumped-up charges that turned out to be nothing, zip, zero, nada.  And Republicans allowed it to happen.  Delay was the House Majority Leader for the Republicans at the time.  The equivalent today would be if some Republican local prosecutor from Maryland indicted Steney Hoyer and he was forced to resign his seat to defend himself. 

I say do it.  The only thing that Democrats understand is “the Chicago Way.”  They indict one of yours, send three of theirs to the slammer.  Don’t give me this crap about turning the other cheek.  That just allows Dems to sit back and pick off conservative leaders at zero risk to themselves. 

And dumbass little cheerleaders in froufrou pom poms and short skirts sit behind their desks at the NY Times and cheer them on.  Whoever penned this statement disgusts me (here is a link to the entire Editorial).  As does the paper that allowed it to be printed.

John Doe

FACTUAL UPDATE:  The Justice Department chose not to prosecute–after leaving Delay dangling for several years while investigating him.  The local charges are still pending.  So it’s not over  yet.  But whatever the hell happened to the constitutional guarantee of a “speedy trial?”