I’m not into gay bars…

Okay, in fairness to gay bars, I have never been to one.  Gramps would prolly know about ’em.  But I think this dude who wants to put a gay bar next to the Mosque near “Ground Zero” is on to something. 

Knowing how much followers of the Pedophile Profit love dogs, how about a Dog Shelter right next door to the mosque, on the other side of it from the gay bar?  It could offer dog grooming, dog walking, dog (and muslim) neutering.  It could even sell dog goodies such as leashes (no studded collars, Gramps), food, and electric collars. 

Hell, while we are at it, how about a barbeque pork restaurant directly accross the street.  Free pork sandwiches to each and every Moslem who makes his wife wear a burka over her ugly face. And if a Moslem chick is one of the few to actually be hawt, free whatever she wants, including the chef!

more wind, dammit, MORE WIND!!!!!!!!!

Do I sound bitter? Me!!!?

John Doe

Can't recall where I found this but...

One response to “I’m not into gay bars…

  1. We used to have a saying back when I was in the service. “Nuke ’em til they glow in the dark”. And, ” Lets make a glass topped parking lot out of ’em”.

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