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Jenn Sterger: Would you text a picture of your junk to this woman?

Brett Favre supposedly did.  An un-official poll of the guys around the poker table last night did not believe that he would be so stupid.  Let’s turn Favre’s problem into our little Rule 5 post, shall we? 

I know what my wife would say if somebody asked her if I would do such a thing.   With threatening voice, “Once. He’d only do it once.”  My wife is a disciple of the Lorena Bobbitt school of thought as to how wives should treat misbehaving husbands.

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A rejoinder to The Classic Liberal

Our good friend The Classic Liberal commented after one of my previous posts ranting about libertarians deserting social cons on the fight with liberals over homosexual marriage (and every other social issue). 

I thought his question, and my reply, deserved their own post, and hopefully everybody else is as interested in this as I am so that it will get a good discussion going. (Sorry for some profanity.)

Here is TheCL’s reply to my original post:

What I’d like to know is, why do you insist on the state being involved in marriage in the first place? Does the state need to regulate even the realm of God? Is God’s word only good if backed by the Almighty State?

The right has become as beholden to the state as the left. The conservative movement has turned into the Israelites who demanded a king. God punished them with one.

Our Founders wanted the state to stay out of the church for good reason. Today, you want the state in the church so it can define what is and is not marriage. Can the state do something for you God cannot? Demand your Overlords define marriage, and you’ll lose the battle forever.

The left turns to the state. If the right turns to the state too, it matters not their intentions, you’ll both get to the same place. Continue reading

A little “30 Mike Mike” for your viewing pleasure

Courtesy of LiveLeak, h/t Linkiest

Bonus question re photo.  What is this? Must be specific.