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One Mile Kill Shot

War is hell, especially if you’re on the wrong end of a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.


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268 MPH…WOW…And It’s a VW…Sort of

Bugatti, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, has come out with a production car that will go 268 miles per hour. That’s almost four times the maximum speed limit on any highway in America. It broke the previous record set by a Shelby of 256 MPH, although Bugatti says that the Shelby shouldn’t qualify as a production car. Bugatti plans to build 300 of the two plus million dollar cars whilst Shelby plans on building four of his models a month for the next four years. Shelby’s model comes in at a paltry 780,000 bucks. The maker of this “new” Shelby is Jerrod Shelby, no relation to the famous Carroll Shelby of souped up Mustang fame.



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Serial killer could collect $1,600 monthly disability pension even while on death row | Washington Examiner

If this aint a crock of shit! This murderer is going to collect his monthly pension until he finally croaks. According to the article, he has already collected at least 300,000 dollars and if he doesn’t get the needle or ride on “Sparky” soon, has the potential to collect up to a million dollars.

If I were the voters in California, I would be storming the governor’s mansion and demanding that the law be changed so that convicted felons can’t keep collecting pensions while in prison. They’re already being supported by the taxpayer with “three hots and a cot”, plus free dental and medical.

Serial killer could collect $1,600 monthly disability pension even while on death row | Washington Examiner.

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The GZ Mosque is a POLITICAL ACT not Religious freedom

The Elites in the MSM and the halls of power have been berating all who disagree with the location of the Cordoba mosque, cultural center, whatever, as bigots. We want to end religious freedom for those that we disagree with. Well not to put to fine a point on it but, I disagree.

This is not about religion, the building of this mosque so close to the gaping crater that was once the symbol and center of American capitalism is a POLITICAL ACT, nothing more and certainly nothing less. To attempt to paint it as anything else is ridiculous and an insult to all sensible people who take the time to pay attention.

But they are “building bridges” reaching out across faiths to “promote tolerance and understanding”. Please, spare me. As many have said; reasonable people would have noticed the wide-spread resistance to this and decided those aims would be better pursued at a different site. No this about sending a message, a political message. Continue reading

Anniversary of an Outrage

Althouse points out the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Sterling Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin:

The blast killed UW research assistant Robert Fassnacht, leaving a wife and three children without their father. Several other persons also working in the building at around 3:45 a.m., the time of the blast, were injured.

Yes, there were hundreds of bombings from the late 1960s through the 70s in the United States, and not by Muslims (yet), but mostly by piece-of-shit little rich boys and girls who had imbibed the cocktail of drugs, collectivism and violence mixed by “academics” from Marx to Marcuse.  The bombings, and the many other incidents of violence during that era, were an outrage in and of themselves.  Just as much of an outrage were the subsequent careers of the facilitators and perpetrators of murder and destruction.

Let me be clear:  Bombers who kill should be executed.  All of them, not just Tim McVeigh.  Were any of the bombers and killers of the 1960s and 70s executed?  Not that I can find.

Instead, they were made professors at out finest Universities.

They became respected community leaders and friends of politicians.  Let me be clear again:  These people should have been executed.  Instead, they are teaching our children. That is the outrage that followed outrage.

No moral country that allows the facilitators of the murder of judges and law enforcement personnel to instruct their young will long survive as such.  It will instead be morphed into something completely different, alien and stinking of death.  Have we come to supinely accept the fact that our schools and universities are infested with these aging “revolutionaries”?

As individuals, we can’t change this overnight, but check into the instructors and professors of your local institutions, not just for old SDS comrades but for the next generation that they’ve wrought.  Read what they’ve written, find what they’ve done and call them out, call them out.  Perhaps all we can do is shine a light on these people, but they need to know someone is watching, they need to hear from someone decent, “I know who you are.  And you disgust me.”


Gen. James Conway will be fired for telling the truth

I put the over/under on when at about three days.   He just announced that the Emperor has no clothes.  Well, at least that the Fuehrer’s plans suck. 

From the WSJ:  “We know the president was talking to several audiences at the same time when he made his comments on July 2011,” Gen. James Conway told reporters on Tuesday. “In some ways, we think right now it’s probably giving our enemy sustenance….In fact, we’ve intercepted communications that say, ‘Hey, you know, we only have to hold out for so long.’”

Gawd, we do not have enough generals for them to keep telling the truth and then having to get fired for it. 

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The Other McCain’s OTHER instant classic how to blog

OMG he’s gone and did it agin.  R Stacy at “The Other McCain” has a new article that is guarandamnteed to become a classic must read for all aspiring bloggers: “How to do an awesome blog post.” I predict that it will go on to be linked to nearly as often as his first must read (and must link to in homage to Smitty linking to yas), “How to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year.” You (and me), an ass-spiring blogger.  But about what? And how?  We can’t all waste our lives working for the Washington Times learning how to actually write. 

Here is the lead in to this must read post: 

“Begin with an introductory sentence that ends with a link to your inspiration:  

“There will always be a fringe, living in its own private madhouse, that will never accept truth regardless of how it is presented.” 

“As night follows day, the link is followed by a blockquote selection from the inspiration. Here, you have several options. You can just end it with some quick snark, or go on an extended rant.” 

Stacy be the one on the left 

As someone is alleged to have replied when Vince Lombardi began the season with, “Gentlemen, this is a football,” I say, “Not so fast, Coach!”  A couple of suggestions for the esteemed and greatly admired Mr. T.O. McCain.  First, how do you get those grayed in areas around your block quotes? Is that something that only your web host allows, but WordPress does not? And those big bold headlines? I don’t even know how to create those.  Perhaps Mr. McCain should do a blogging for dummies series?  

This is NOT Stacy McCain


Second, and more importantly, shouldn’t there be a general rule that almost every post contain a picture of a hot babe?  We are young and impressionable bloggers out here.  If you were to say the word, the internet would almost instantaneously be prettied up.  I know, I know, I’m the type who always ate candy and skipped my meals.  I’m the type who drinks beer because I can, when I want.  But really, pretty girls spice up almost every article.  

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