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Supposedly this little girl’s father died…

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Andrew Klavan talks to kids

by Doug Hagin

Trying to teach them something about the Constitution.

The fix was in

The Prop 8 farce trial reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “The Untouchables.”  So many of life’s greatest lessons  were condensed into pithy sayings in that movie.  Don’t get me started.

Al Capone had bought off both the judge and the jury. No worries. Smile and ham it up for the reporters, Al! 

Prop 8 was doomed from the beginning.  A queer judge.  A Governator who opposed Prop 8.  Did you stupid ass social cons* really believe that “justice” would prevail?   You chumps.  The fix was in.  They had us when the judge said “yeth,” with a bent wrist.

The question is, all  you naive social cons out there: “You want to get Capone? What are you prepared to do?… And then what are you prepared to do? If you open the can of these worms you must be prepared to go all the way. Because they’re not gonna give up the fight, until one of you is dead…”

John Doe

 *for mind-numbed readers, or newbies, I proudly consider myself a social conservative.

p.s. Apologies, Mr. G, whenever I refer to this most delicate topic.

So the NRA just called me

I was in the middle of something else, and into my second beer so I did not have my wits totally about me, so I’ll paraphrase:

[Young sounding kid, probably his first job, I’m guessing minimum wage to start, goes right into his canned spiel] “Sir, I’m so and so from the NRA and I would like to ask you a one question survey.”

[Before he could go further, I jumped in.] “First, I have a beef with the NRA.  I think the NRA sold out. [I was grasping for time, trying to remember what my beef was.]  The NRA…recently took a stand…do you know what I am talking about? [Hoping he would bail me out.]

“The NRA endorsement of Harry Reid?”

[Me, stalling for time] “Yeah.” 

[He apparently refers to a sheet of paper and reads response]  “Sir, the NRA has not taken an official position regarding the official endorsement of Harry Reid…”

[Me, remembering why I have a beef with the NRA…]  “Yeah? What about the sell out in the law that is trying to repeal the effects of ‘Citizens United’?  The NRA decided to support the new law when they got grand-fathered in so that the new law will not apply to them!” 

[Him, flustered] “Sir, let me get an answer for you about that…”

[Dead air for approximately 15 seconds.]

“Sir, the NRA has not yet taken a definitive position on that issue.” [I sensed relief in his voice, as if he thought this would pacify me.]

Me: “Well, how about when the NRA does take a position opposing the new law that seeks to nullify the ‘Citizens United’ decision, then you can call me back!?”   

Him, obviously relieved that this phone call was over: “Okay, sir, thank you.”

I SWEAR that this post is substantially 98% true, though not word for word. It just happened  10 minutes ago.

Okay, my recollection was flawed.  The NRA did not actually throw their support behind the law that is seeking to over-turn the effects of “Citizens United,” they merely agreed to remain neutral on the issue, instead of opposing it, because they got their exemption.  Their neutrality would then give cover to on the fence blue dog Democrats who could vote in favor of the law by saying, “Look! The NRA did not oppose it!” 

Hit ’em where it hurts.  In the pocketbook.

John Doe

God HELP me I’m rooting for Blagojevich!!

I have a confession to make. I want the jury to acquit Rod.  I know he did it–he’s probably guilty of hell. And I’m normally such a law and order type of guy.  But I hope he wins. I hope the Government loses. 

I am not being naive.  He probably deserves to be locked up.  If not for trying to sell Obama’s seat, for something else.  But you know what? All those politicians in Chicago are a bunch of crooks. Obama is just as crooked or more so,  he is just not so ham-handed as to say what he is doing explicitly.  The firing of the inspector general to protect his political ally.  The Bubba-bribes to drop out of primaries.  The political elimination of the G.M. automobile dealerships.  Hell, even the robbing of our childrens’ future to pay for bribes and graft in the “stimulus bull, er I mean bill” is bribery.  Continue reading

Should we behead liberals?

Too harsh, you say? The French beheaded their “ruling class” during the French Revolution.  If too harsh, how about we resurrect Joseph McCarthy?  Prop him up and let some Young Republicans conduct hearings to root out the socialists from amongst academia and the branches of government.  If you lack the stomach for beheadings, how about banishing them all to Australia or some other God forsaken land as the British did in their heyday? After a proper McCarthy-style hearing, of course.

I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.  Nothing new there. What’s new is that I am no longer in the minority!  Praise The Lord and pass the guillotine!  Continue reading

Who is your favorite politician?

So I was reading “The Classic Liberal” and got to thinking, I need a simpler method of sorting out people’s politics. The Classic liberal uses terms with which I am unfamiliar. I’m just a simple guy, I’m not a scholar of arcane history or of politics of the past.  I leave that to guys like Bob Belvedere and the theCL.  I don’t know what “classic liberalism” or “The Old Right.”  I’m vaguely familiar with the fact that there are different types of “conservatives” (neo-cons, paleocons, etc.), and I can smell a RINO or a liberal from 1,000 paces. 

It’s the various labels that stump me. I like things simple. When I studied for the bar examination, I made an outline of the BarBri book.  Then I made an outline of the outline. Then an outline of that outline until my final notes for all that I learned in three years of law school were condensed down to three pages.  K.I.S.S.

So, who is your “favorite” politician, or the one that comes closest to your ideal?  Or the ones.  No fair going back past my adulthood, but do it if you must.  For example, saying that you adored the methods of JFK or LBJ would help me to classify you, but saying you are a huge fan of Robert Taft or Warren Harding won’t help me any.  Saying you are a RonPaulite says something about you that everybody, even simple ole me, can comprehend.

Why? Because I can!

I’ll start things off. I’m a huge fan of Chris Christie from everything I’ve seen and heard from him (at least regarding fiscal policy).  I’m a big believer in Ronald Reagan, the early years.   I admire the way that Jim DeMint stands up to GOP Establishment.  I’m a DittoHead.  See? That says a lot about me, so that even if you did not know anything else about me, you can start to get a handle about what I am about.

This isn’t to start a debate about who is right and who is wrong, it is just a start to understand where some of my readers are coming from. 

John Doe

I want one

From SharpElbows.net, h/t Doug Ross

John Doe