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Shit we used to do in school back in my day

I am not making any of this up. I’m a 50 something dude who grew up in an all white suburban (really it was rural) outskirts of Flint, Michigan (think Roger & me). Continue reading

A feel good story

A real-life “Doc Hollywood” (sorta story).  Virginia has an island in the Chesapeake bay that is home to a bunch of people who still speak the Queen’s English.  You have to take a ferry or fly there.  Tangier Island is home to crabbers and fisherman and other assorted good people. Only problem is, they have no doctor. So Dr. David Nichols has been flying a plane or a helicopter there once per week for the past thirty years to help with their medical needs.  Sadly, now that they are finally getting a new medical facility, he is dying of cancer.  So what? It’s still a feel-good story. He’s been blessed, and he’s helped them out too. 

Okay, mebbe this has all been a lead in to the real reason I made this post: The Julie Warner nude scene in Doc Hollywood. “You can blink now.”


Well, THAT didn’t take long…

Those of us who have spent time in Miami, Florida know what this is.  So does “The Orkin Man.”   And the A.P. wonders what it might be…

Just a little infestation. Nothing a good fumigation won't cure. Vote 2012!

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President Obama gave a presidential gift to all who attended

his Ram a Don (Ram a Dan? Ram abDullah?) meal recently.  From The American Digest! Something every Mooselim should never be caught dead without!  J.D.

On the back: With Love, Your First Muslim President, Barry Soetoro

So you hate athletes who hold-out?

Very good article which might change your mind, one way or the other.  J.D.

Whatever happened to Lipton T. Bagg?!

Have you seen this man? Or a man that looks like him only drunker?


Here are some clues

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READING Rule Five Posts Makes You Smarter!

It isn’t enough just to make Rule 5 (of “How to get a million hits on your blog in less than a year“) posts, in accordance with The Master’s instructions at “The Other McCain, Robert Stacy McCain and Blog Side-Kick Smitty!” 

No, no, NO!!!!  You should also read the wonderful posts that others have made.  It makes you smarter, not to mention happier. 

For instance, if I had not clicked on one of the many wonderful posts that Smitty linked to this a.m. I would have missed “Serr8d’s Cutting Edge.” That would have been my loss.  I’ve stolen just a couple of stuff from his blog, just to give you a flavor of his work so that you will go there (in case you were stupid enough not to read every last stinkin ones of the links Smitty puts up each Sunday).  

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