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Jobless Nation: Heckuva Job, Barack

Barack Obama has never had the best interests of the American people in mind. He is all about following the tenets set forth by Marx and Lenin with a smidge of Mao and a pinch of Castro and Chavez thrown in for flavor. Even before he started his campaign for the Presidency, there were glaring glimpses into his mindset about how he thought the country should be run. Obama’s also a student of Saul Alynski. Obama had a much easier time pushing his policies through the Senate and Congress because of the presence of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, probably the most progressive politicians to lead the House and Senate in our country’s history.

He pandered to poor and middle class Black folks by intimating that reparations were right around the corner if he got elected. He pandered to the environmentalists by promising to “kill” the energy industry and employing the “green” policies the enviro’s wanted. He got the LGBT vote by making promises about total inclusion in the military and the right to marry. ( I’m still trying to figure that one out.) And he pandered to the Progressive Socialist Elites who think the majority of American citizens don’t have enough sense to get out of the rain unless someone “better” tells them to.

I’m thinking Conservative candidates  will hit the jackpot this election cycle. Hopefully, they won’t succumb to the “greed and corruption” bug that seems so pervasive in the beltway. We just have to “innoculate” them with the promise that if they don’t hold their constituents best interests in mind, they will be looking for employment  after the next election.

We must hold our elected representatives feet to the fire to make sure they do the job we hired them to do. The problem with this bunch we have in there now, is that the American public was asleep at the wheel starting when Reagan turned us around after Carter’s dismal presidency. Reagan turned the economy back around to growth instead of the decline Carter put us in. It took two decades to undo what Reagan accomplished. We need another Reaganisque President.

Just one man’s opinion…Mike

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Libertarianism: It’s not just for dopeheads anymore!

Young American males who fancy yourselves as “libertarians,” can we talk?  Many of you are just gutless conservatives trying to fit in with modern culture.

You are akin to the high-schoolers from my heyday during the late 60s and early 70s who fancied themselves as rebellious because they wore long hair, bell bottom jeans and smoked a little pot.  Only thing was, everybody was doing it.  Those who did that weren’t “free-thinkers” as they liked to believe, they were just following the crowd, too gutless to realise that they (we, cuz I did it too) actually looked goofier than Nancy Pelosi without her Botox injections.

I mean really, have you seen high school yearbooks from the 70s?  Wide collars, fat-assed ties, polyester suits, all the guys had goofy looking long  hair, peace symbols, goofy looking long sideburns. Come on! Anybody with a lick of fashion sense should have been able to see that the 70s were hi-jacked by the dirty hippie movement. 

We weren’t cool back then, we were mindless sheep going along to get along. No different from the young white punks now who talk ghetto and wear their baggy jeans down below their ass-cracks.  I can’t be too critical of those bros now because I fell for the hippy-dippy crap back when I was a young punk.  But I sure as hell can point out mindless followers when I see them. Continue reading