Shittiest President since Carter still enjoys 96% approval rating amongst blacks

ist2_429468-live-nude-girls-neon-signWho are the real racists in America? Blacks are, that’s who. The Democrat primaries proved it beyond any shadow of a doubt (voting overwhelmingly, sometimes as high as 90-95%, in favor of Obama over Hillary). Continued support by blacks of a worthless, in over his head, “community-activist” turned Chicago thug just brings more attention to it than a neon sign.

From “The Daily Beast“….”The president has a deep connection with black voters, one that will incline many of them to interpret his actions in the best possible light. Indeed, among African Americans, his approval rating is 96 percent in the latest Gallup poll. Meanwhile, a cleavage is emerging in his popularity: Among non-Hispanic whites, his approval has fallen to 52 percent. It seems that, while white voters are more inclined to blame Obama for their economic woes, black voters are taking a different and perhaps more patient view of the president.”  [John Doe comment: “More patient view”?  How about as a more likely scenario: the vast majority of blacks are racist pigs who refuse to acknowledge anything that Obama does wrong?]

One response to “Shittiest President since Carter still enjoys 96% approval rating amongst blacks

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