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Ah am shocked, Sir!

Truly shocked!  European socialists favor Obama over Bush. Der Fuehrer has the approval of 78% of French who were polled recently.  There is no truth to the rumor that the French Armee leader said that it is in part because he “fights like the French.”  Meanwhile, when polls are taken of Americans–who actually bathe more than once a week–Obama’s approval rating is plummetting faster than Bill Clinton’s trousers when he is alone with a female intern.

Main reason that I’ve been distracted and not blogging much lately…


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Great new cite for Dumbass Dougie Mataconis and Loudoun Insider

RINOs doin what RINOs do best!

RINOs doin what RINOs do best!

YOu jUSt caN’t MAkE tHis SHiT uP!  A new “moderate” Republican website where an author claims Reagan was a “moderate”: “Gil Troy’s 2008 book, Leading from the Center: Why Moderates Make the Best Presidents, makes an excellent case that our greatest national leaders, from Washington to Lincoln to Ronald Reagan, have succeeded by hewing close to the American political center.”  

Bwahaahaaahaaa! Reagan was a “moderate.” I am old enough to remember the Reagan years. He was savagely attacked by the liberals and ridiculed by the moderates. Only We, The People supported him.  Lincoln a “moderate”? He suspended habeus corpus, jailed political opponents, sent Sherman marching to the sea, destroying all in his path.  Washington risked all that he had, including his life, when he was rich and had no need to rebel against the Crown.  The “moderates” stayed neutral,  waiting to see which side won while risking nothing. 

“Moderates” are cowards, too intellectually bankrupt to actually make a decision that is counter to the prevailing political center and stick with it. They are like weathervanes, shifting with the winds. Or turds, floating down a stream.  Barely intelligent enough to know that liberalism is a cancer on American society, but too cowardly to take a stand and fight against it.