Daily Archives: July 30, 2009

I REALLY get tired of pointing out that Doug Mataconis is a freakin idiot!

But somebody has to do it. He quotes with apparent approval ” Today, the law recognizes only four exceptions to the First Amendment’s protection for free speech: (1) speech posing the “clear and present danger” of imminent violence or lawless action posited by Holmes, (2) disclosures threatening “national security,” (3) “obscenity” and (4) so-called “fighting words” that would provoke a reasonable person to an imminent, violent response.”

Here I am, sitting in my underwear, barely awake, without first having my first cup of Joe, and even I can think of a couple instances that show the above is pure bullshit. Try mouthing off to a judge in a court room. Try mouthing off about how you will shoot the President of the U.S.  OK, my work here is done.  Keep playing lawyer Dumbass Doug.