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Reporter has a disease

"Hi! I'm Ashley!"

"Hi! I'm Ashley!"

It’s called “bias.” Story supposedly was that daughter was misdiagnosed with having asthma and was sent home with only antibiotics in tow. But her father was a physician, and he insisted that she return and have a chest x-ray. 

But the real story was this dipshit reporter for “AOL health,” Ashley Neglia, who puked up this sentence: “Because they lived in the United Kingdom and had access to the National Health Service, he was able to send his daughter back to the office with a letter insisting that she receive an X-ray.” 

NO! NO NO NO you dumb bitch! Because she lived in the U.K. the dumbass doctor did not take the time to give her a chest x-ray in the first place.  Because there is no financial incentive to give proper health care, they treat you like sheep and send you home.  If this patient’s father had not been a physician, she would have died before the cancer was found. In the U.S. with our system she could have insisted in the first place, without needing a “note” from her father.  No wonder dumbasses want the U.S. Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles to be in charge of medicine: they have the I.Q. of a box of turnips.

Sarah Palin: Why we hate her

Wouldn't she look better with no eyes?

Wouldn't she look better with no eyes?

A group of my liberal friends didn’t have the courage to post their reasons, so they asked me to post for them: “She’s almost as inexperienced in politics as Barack Obama. She says stupid things almost as often as Joe Biden. She is 15-0 against our bogus ‘ethical complaints.’  She didn’t abort that little bastard Trig. She’s happily married to a real man. She’s hawt.” J.D. added: Did I mention she’s hawt?


“She can skin a moose (ewwww).  She believes in limited government and fiscal responsability. She actually believes stuff they teach you in Sunday School.  She didn’t attend Hahhhvard or Yale.  In fact, she’s so low-class she even allowed her own son to fight in Iraq.  She rallied the Republican base when McPain’s campaign was faltering. She’s got more cajones than almost any other Pub pol lately(except maybe Sen. DeMint).   She recently called President Obama’s plans to bankrupt our country and force our children and grand children into huge debt “immoral”. Can you imagine the gall of this woman? If we want to bankrupt this country and heap loads of debt on our un-born children, who is she to stop us? WHO CARES if we can’t afford socialized medicine and global warming crap and tax?” 

“Now can you understand why we want to scratch her eyes out? And club her (purported) new baby?  And otherwise grind her children into dust and eat them in our soup? And cut her husband’s heart out and feed it to the wolves?  While we tell her all about what we are doing (since she can’t see with her eyes gouged out. Duh.)?  It is really rational, our great hatred for her, when you stop and think about it.”

Update: Great minds think alike. Immediately after posting this, I ran across a better post by Tim Boyer.

Speaking truth to power

Obama “is a little black man who doesn’t know where Tegucigalpa is located.”  But he shore know where Cuba and Venezuela be.

Imagine what went on behind the scenes: “Enrique, why you talk trash to Amerikan dictator Obama? He could nuke us.  Don’t provoke him.  He wants to re-install the communist dictator here in Honduras, and you better apologize or he just might do it. Go! Apologize. “

All you cretins out there who think it is just Republicans who have morals

evidently Dems have some morals, too. [I demand a recount–that is too hard to believe.]  But a recent Gallup Poll found that 97% of Pukes and 89% of Rats still believe that married men and women having extramarital affairs is “Morally Unacceptable.”  Apparently, the rest of them are all bloggers and politicians.

Polar Bears cause global warming

New science, from Leigh Scott at Big Hollywood: “This place is crowded.  I already pointed out how animals emit CO2.  In fact, the average polar bear emits about 365 k/g per year of CO2.  Polar bears can live up to 30 years, and right now there are about 25,000 polar bears on the planet.  That means polar bears emit 250 million k/g of CO2!!!  The U.N. says that with current global warming trends we could lose 2/3 of the polar bear population by 2050.  I say that’s not soon enough!  These bears are causing hurricanes, melting the polar ice caps, and threatening to put Florida under six feet of water by the end of the next decade.  They must be stopped.  Killing every polar bear would be the equivalent of taking 80,000 cars off the road.” Continue reading

For the guy or gal who has everything!

Get them a tattoo of a dead pedophile!

Home alone with MJ

Home alone with MJ

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