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Liberal Constitutional Law “logic”: you can burn a flag, but you can’t refuse to dispense the “plan B pill”

Free Speech is what liberals say it is

Free Speech is what liberals say it is

Any slug has the Consti- tutionally protected right to burn the American flag. But by God, if you dare to refuse to sell “Plan B” to every slut who wants it, based on your First Amendment Rights, you can and must be fired. And your business must be shut down. It makes perfect sense, if you are an idiotic liberal.

Blew (ALMOST all of) Virginia has panties in a wad about a so-called “racist in charge of Young Republicans”

Lowell do!

Lowell do!

Oh, the horrors. She wrote “LOL“, minutes before erasing the racist  comment from her blog.  But old “Aids Bref”  (Registered Trademark, John Doe, 2009) can’t seem to condemn the words of A LIBERAL TRUE SCUM-SUCKING DIED-IN-THE-WOOL racist pig Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, whose words have been written and have never been retracted.  As old Lowell (of NAMBLA fame) drags his nose out of the briefs of every man he has ever known, will he ever, EVAH, grow a pair of balls and call racism on  the part of some Democrap, any Democrap? Do. Not. Hold. Your. Bref. Continue reading

Fake Virginia gets bitch-slapped by Smash Mouth

Moralistic Hypocrisy” of the G.O.P.? My, my, aren’t we using big words for such a small I.Q.?  Let me give you a little history lesson, you obvious moron:

I bitch slap. Because I can.

I bitch slap. Because I can.

Democrat politicians for years have been able to do anything that they want, no matter how immoral, and get away with it, and even prosper doing it.  FDR had a known mistress. JFK had a different woman nearly every day.  LBJ got b.j.s from a future historian who was his aid at the time. Teddy freakin Kennedy left a woman whom he had intended to go bang to die in a car.  Barney Frank had a male prostitute service run out of his basement. Nothing was ever made of any of this. Even Elliott Spitzer committed crimes and the only thing that happened to him was that he resigned as Governor. Continue reading

Who would have thought I’d EVAH agree with former Mayor Willie Brown?



He nailed L’Affaire Palin, in The San Francisco Chronicle, fer cryin out loud!

…”If Palin wants to play on the national field, she has to be free to move around. She has to be able to drop into Indiana, Ohio or Tennessee and help Republican candidates raise money. She has to be available for radio and TV.

“She has to be like Gavin Newsom, free to roam around the country, safe in the knowledge that things will pretty much take care of themselves back home.

“Instead, Palin faced the prospect of being constantly pinned down in a state that is a day and a half away from the rest of America. She would have been totally isolated in every sense of the word.

“Now she can study up on issues where she is lacking and become a full-time political celebrity.

“The pundits call her a quitter, but let’s be honest – the pundits never liked her to begin with. Better to take one hit for stepping down and move on than to stay in Alaska and die a death by a thousand cuts.

“Governor or not, Palin is still the biggest star in the Republican galaxy. After all, who else have they got?”

Shittiest President since Carter still enjoys 96% approval rating amongst blacks

ist2_429468-live-nude-girls-neon-signWho are the real racists in America? Blacks are, that’s who. The Democrat primaries proved it beyond any shadow of a doubt (voting overwhelmingly, sometimes as high as 90-95%, in favor of Obama over Hillary). Continued support by blacks of a worthless, in over his head, “community-activist” turned Chicago thug just brings more attention to it than a neon sign.

From “The Daily Beast“….”The president has a deep connection with black voters, one that will incline many of them to interpret his actions in the best possible light. Indeed, among African Americans, his approval rating is 96 percent in the latest Gallup poll. Meanwhile, a cleavage is emerging in his popularity: Among non-Hispanic whites, his approval has fallen to 52 percent. It seems that, while white voters are more inclined to blame Obama for their economic woes, black voters are taking a different and perhaps more patient view of the president.”  [John Doe comment: “More patient view”?  How about as a more likely scenario: the vast majority of blacks are racist pigs who refuse to acknowledge anything that Obama does wrong?]

Obama lied, Americans cried!

More, Sir? Can we have more taxes, Sir?

More, Sir? Can we have more taxes, Sir?

House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D.-N.Y.)revealed late Friday afternoon that House Democrats will seek to increase income taxes by $540 billion.”

Obama supporters smoked crack, tax-payers had a heart attack jack!

Obama: “No new taxes on any earning less than  Two Hundred Fifty!” Rangel: “New taxes on all your asses swiftly!”  

Obama lied, the economy died. Americans cried. Gutless Republicans ran off to hide.

The more scientists learn about DNA, the greater the evidence for “intelligent design”

See this excellant article in question and answer format regarding how the coding in DNA is very similar but much more complex than computer programming.  This “coding” is present in every single living thing that has ever lived, so far as scientists know.  In days past, scientists assumed that the earliest living things were simple blobs.  But there is no evidence anywhere that early living things were simple–they all shared this same DNA code that is incredibly complex.  Continue reading

Pelosi/CIA lied play-by-play analysis


Run to Daylight

Run to Daylight

Anonymous Play-by-Play Analyst:

First and ten. The ball is snapped, Pelosi gets the handoff, she cuts outside, she claims that the CIA never briefed her on ‘enhanced interrogation,’ the MSM eats it up. She streaks up the field for a twenty-yard gain. First down!” Continue reading