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Must read, BEFORE you let the Government control your health care

An informed citizenry is the best protection against a Dictator taking over a country. READ IT!

Memo to President Obama regarding health care

To: President Obama

From: Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff

Regarding: President Obama’s Health Care (“Plan B”)

cc: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted “The Lyin of the Senate” Kennedy, and all Democrat legislators

President Obama asked me to look into ways that we could save on health insurance. Specifically, he asked if we could save money by killing sick people. (Euphemism from now on will be “allow them to die” etc.) 

America is facing a  health care crisis. We have too many sick people and too few dollars to pay for health care. President Obama believes that we should be more selective in our decisions regarding where our health care dollars are spent. Statistically, most people do not need health insurance absent catastrophic injury or disease.  An immediate and future reduction of expenditures on health care could be achieved by not wasting valueable resources on the very sick and instead “allowing them to die.”  A “Blue-Ribbon” Panel could be empowered to decide who are too sick to save, and to authorize them to be “allowed to die” a natural death.   Continue reading

New poll regarding birthers

97% of conservatives believe Barack Obama would lie about where he was born if he was really born in Kenya.

99% of conservatives believe that the Mainstream Media would cover up for Obama if he really was born in Kenya.

100% of conservatives believe that Obama is a fucking moron.

82% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” believe that even if Obama is not a U.S. citizen he should remain President because “the People have spoken” [in the election].

95% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” enjoy making fun of “birthers” because it allows them to relate better with liberals and queers.

100% of RINOs and “moderate Republicans” are too fucking cowardly to even consider the question of why Obama is fighting so furiously to not produce the long form of his birth certificate.

0% of liberals would ever question whether “The Won” was ineligible for the Presidency.

75% of liberals are queer or bi-sexual and believe that Obama is, too.

100% of liberals love Obama because they believe that he hates Amerika too.