Things I’ve learned while living in an Extended Stay Hotel

1.  I don’t need 1/100 of all the shit I’ve accumulated in the past 52 years.

2. All that matters is family and friends.  When in doubt, see Rule No. 2.

3. A person can be truly happy even though only owning the possessions that will fit in a Mitsubishi Spyder convertible (damaged by hitting a button buck on the way home after 2:00 a.m. from a poker game). 

4.  A wife who puts up with your short-comings and peccadilloes is worth her weight in gold or silver.

5. A man who loves what he does will never work a day in his life.  Ugh, and the man who hates his work will be miserable until he finally grows a pair and stops doing what he hates and instead moves to Las Vegas or [fill in the blank] and starts to do what he loves instead of what he hates.

6. Marrying the right, wonderful, perfect (almost) wife overcomes many most of one’s shortcomings.

7. Clothes washed in the sink and hung out to dry in the bathroom save you $8.00 or more per load. Sure, they are little stiff and wrinkled, but Joseph will get you an iron if you axe him nicely. 

8. Sure, the neighborhood ain’t the greatest, but “Ooley” [spelling unknown] seems to be a great guy, and the hookers walking the street are just trying to survive, so get over it.

9. I don’t need, a whole lot of money…I don’t need a big fancy car…

Ok, this one goes out to “The Mrs”–yeah, as you’ve all suspected, that really was The Mrs.

ARTIST: John Ellison
TITLE: Some Kind of Wonderful
Lyrics and Chords

I don’t need a whole lot of money
I don’t need a big, fine car
I got everything that a man could want
I got more than I could ask for

Johnny Vegassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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