Posting Will Be Heavy

Sooo–we got Mike headed to Florida and temporarily off the blog ether, John Doe sporadically posting from Sin City, The inimitable Lipton Tea Bag missing in action

There is only one thing a man can do in this situation:  Suck it up and post his ass off.

Let us begin.

Oklahoma City Mayor says no to Lingerie Football League.  Why?  “Too many problems to list.”  Look, I don’t know if Hizzoner is a fag or just a misogynist (who designs those hideous clothes for women, eh?), but the LFL is empowering to women in so many ways, I can’t begin to list them all in This Space.  Women showing they can play tackle football, formerly an exclusive enclave of male power, while still celebrating their femininity.  They’re at once hot, and tough. Manly men like our readers, and Feminists can all agree, for once.  You be the judge:


The Toughness


Women working together, as a team, can only speed America on the way to its Inevitable Progressive Future:

Did I mention the mental toughness required?  Isn’t that what feminists are looking to instill in today’s girls?

And yet, after the struggle, opponents can share a moment of comradeship, like Grant and Lee and their men at Appomattox:

No need to thank me, Feminists, I’m only doing it for the Good of Humankind.


5 responses to “Posting Will Be Heavy

  1. I was a little optimistic when I said Monday. Now it’s tomorrow morning, Tues. One of my daughters is going down with us to help out. I’m looking forward to the extended time with her, something we didn’t have much of when she was younger. I’m going to try to blog, but it will be sporadic at best. Glad we have such a stalwart blogger such as yourself to keep us up to speed.

    Thanks, Mike

  2. The women may look hot and tough but it’s not pleasing to see them play that game. Feminists may disagree but there’s something that doesn’t look good when women play football. That’s just an opinion.

  3. Mark–your opinion is noted. To be more explicit, I presume that most “movement” feminists absolutely hate the LFL. Thus, the ironic repeated references to feminists supporting and approving of it. I do honestly admire the women who play, I admire their athletic female forms and that they’re willing to step up and take some pain, like men have been doing for the last million years. I have a traditionalist side that agrees with you that women are not really built to play football, but also an individualist side that says let ’em do what they want of their own free will.

  4. Given the choice between this and, say, the WNBA, I’ll happily take this any day of the week.

    But that’s just me. (grin)

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