Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Tequila Demon

Anybody else have this problem?  I go to bed at night with the tequila firmly shut within the freezer.  Nobody else is in my apartment. But when I wake up the next morning, there is less tequila than when I woke up the day before.  I find this phenomenon extremely strange. The only scientific explanation that I can find is that I have a Tequila Demon living in my flop house apartment who gets out every night after I am in bed to drink some of my nectar of the gods.  Has anybody else had this strange experience happen to them?


The Only Thing Gramps and I Agree On

Green Bay up 24-0 over Dallas at the half. The Pack is running on all cylinders while the Cowboys look like a lower division Pop Warner football team.

Applebees offering free meal to active duty and vets on November 11th

On Armistice Day, as they used to call it. Nice gesture.  I hope others follow suit.  Gramps, you better get your sorry old ass in there and make us proud.  You too, Lipton, where ever you are…

J. D.

Did Harry Reid Steal The Election?

I have heard many anecdotal tails that indicate that the Dems stole one for The Gipper.  SEIU members were the computer operators of the voting booths. People called in to declare that the machines popped up with Harry Reid pre-checked for the voters; people who went in to vote without voters’ guides were not asked for their IDs, while those without were asked for IDs; a white woman who spoke Espaniol who heard two wet-backs speaking in their native language, discussing voting elsewhere–when she reported what she  heard she was told to “mind your own business.”

I’m not into conspiracy theories, or sour grapes, but I believe that the Democrats would stoop to any level to steal an election.  The Washington Examiner reports that at least one expert believes that Harrah’s and Reid may have broken election laws.  Good luck wid dat one.

John Doe

Going to the Hilton to watch the Lions vs. Jets game

It is a lot more exciting to watch the game with many fans also watching. The Hilton has a big theatre type room with big screens so that you can watch all the games at once.   Sitting in a big room, drinking beer, cheering on the Lions, (I even put a hundred on the Lions to cover at -4 points), wow!  I even  have a chance to win prizes as the Hilton gives you a ticket (free) and draws numbers. I predict that the Lions are going to win the game out-right.  I’m drinking the Lions Kool Aide!  Life is good.  Drink it up!

John  Doe