Daily Archives: November 17, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Sea Life “Flourishing”

So the hysterical propaganda was bullshit.  Sea life is “flourishing” in the Gulf, because as people who actually knew something about the subject predicted, the oil got eaten up by microbes that luv the stuff.

Not to flatter myself, but I too predicted this, mainly because I have a memory that goes back more than two weeks.  Back in 1979, blow out at a Pemex (Mexican State Oil Co.) well pumped an estimated 3 million barrels into the Gulf.  Checking back years later–a “stunning recovery.”

But that, of course, didn’t fit the narrative of President Obama or the Church of Environmentalism to which he must genuflect.  The hand wringing, the grim expressions, the “plug the damn hole!” were the modern, required theatre of the absurd.  No one is allowed to rationally assess these things today, while they’re on television 24/7.  Can’t look like you don’t care.

It’s nice to know things are recovering, like they always have.

I found this photo on the “Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog.”  It doesn’t have anything at all to do with the oil spill, but what’s your point?


Julie London, Fly ME to the Moon

I know these things are matters of personal taste–but can any man look at this scorching 1:44 of video and not feel a certain singing in the blood?  I like to think that even a modern fifteen-year-old boy would recognize this as way hotter than Britney or one of her clones humping the air in her underwear.

Dunno, maybe I’m just old.  When I watch this 1964 clip, however, I don’t feel old.  Not at all.