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First Posts

Right now, I don’t feel like writing on politics.  It’ll still be there tomorrow.

Blog readers normally read the latest post on a blog they’ve bookmarked, or the one linked by a blog they’re reading now.  Only a few (yeah, the present author is guilty) have the Audacity of Hope to delve into the archives of Blog World.  Just for fun,  we here present the very first post of a few favorite blogs and see what the authors did at that very moment a baby was born, so to speak.  It is interesting to compare that to what they have now become:

Instapundit, –8/8/01: Well, it looks like the Department of Justice is finally going after the music industry for antitrust violations. Expect more of this kind of thing in the future, and not just with regard to themusic sector, but with regard to all entertainment industries…

Ace of Spades (via his old Blogger), 12/30/03 – First Post.

Okay, lots of people do that, here’s Ace’s second post, that same day – Just a little Poe-parody we here at Ace of Spades HQ wrote: Be aware, the poem contains flagrant potty-mouth.

The Donkey

Once upon a midnight gloaming, my mouth agape and whitely foaming,
my frantic mind e’er roaming, roaming o’er outrages of liberal lore,
I gave my dork a playful slapping, setting my balls slowly flapping, but suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door –
Only this, and nothing more.’

THAT’s more like it!

The Camp of the Saints, (after a few “tests”… five months later…), 12/08/09  – AH..MARRIAGE: Mrs. Other McCain is a softy compared to Mrs. Belvedere [half-Sicilian / half-Irish Catholic].  If I were to do a Woods, Mrs. B. would not kill me.  Nope, not a chance in Hell for that kind of mercy.  She would kill my family, my cats, my friends, my co-workers [not so bad], my mailman, my accountant, my blogger friends, any conservatives I like, and on and on until she was satisfied.  My death, at that point, would be a blessing.  So count your lucky stars McCain: Mrs. Other McCain would let you off easy.

IMAO (Frank J), 03/09/33 (yes, that’s right) – The New Deal is a Raw Deal: This “New Deal” is a horrible idea. We’re going to become some big, bloated socialist government because of it. This makes me so mad, I want to push FDR’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs — not with him in it, but him watching so he can see his favorite wheelchair get all smashed up and know exactly what I feel about him and his “New Deal.” We shouldn’t stand for pinko crap like this.

BTW, did you see that new movie King Kong? That gorilla is craaaazy!

Smash Mouth Politics, 10/27/08 – (Not sure if this is really the first, but it’s the oldest on this site) Hello World, John doe Congratulates Himself on His 3 Month anniversary by Republishing His Original Post : This is my very first post. Thanks, Megan, if you had not turned out to be just another gutless coward  person who is sensitive to liberal pressure, I would never have started my own blog. Mason posted a comment about how he believes I alternate between blogging and autofellating. When I entitled my next post by including what he said about me, suddenly I became the bad guy. Oh, did I not mention that Mason runs a blogator that she desperately wants to remain a part of? So she “apologizes” for my posts. How sweet. I merely repeat what he said about me, but then she feels the need to apologize for my posts. Course, that keeps her in the good graces of those other gutless cowards, Finnegan and Mason. Whatever.

So, JD, would you mind giving us the backstory on that one?


There have been many fine photos in the history of SMP. This is a personal fave.

You know, I think I will just agree with Clifton here!

Ok, I admit it, I was going to post my thoughts on those “Republicans”who belong to the David Brooks./Meghan McCain wing of the party, who seem to fear Sarah Palin getting the nod in 2012. I was, that is, until I read this post from Clifton, AKA Another Black Conservative, who sums it ball up very nicely. 

For many rank and file conservatives, Sarah Palin is their dreams come true. Palin charismatically delivers the conservative message loud and clear without any fear of the left’s reaction.  Unfortunately, there is another part of the Republican Party that does not see Palin in the same light.  The Republican Bluebloods, the Country Club Crew, the Cocktail Set, the elite establishment or whatever names you wish to call them. These folks are desperate not to have Palin be the nominee and are now spouting all kinds of reasons why the nominee should be anyone but Palin. 
They are all sounding the alarm that Palin cannot win the general election. This is not their real reason, for if it was, why then are they not discouraging truly hopeless candidates like Tim Pawlenty?  No, the real reason why the Bluebloods do not want Palin is simply because of power.  Sarah Palin is an outsider who is capable of grabbing the nomination without help from the  establishment. Should that happen, Palin would not owe the establishment a damn thing and would be free to bring in all kinds of outsiders to control the Republican Party.  This would leave elites like Karl Rove, the Bushes, Peggy Noonan, et al out in the cold, trying to curry favor with the type of conservatives they have been sneering down at for decades.


YES!, AMEN! That is it, in a nutshell! They are worried not about the party, or furthering Conservatism, but about preserving THEIR place in the pecking order!