FREE LTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or “Amber Alert.” Or some fuc#ing thing. Anybody else feel helpless?! Like our buddy needs us and we ain’t doing diddly squat to help him? Come on, puhleeeeeze, how many jobs can you imagine that do not allow you to at least phone home? The Chilean miners have been released. The astronauts in Florida ain’t been blasted off yet. They are even towing dat ship back to port. Come the hell on, LTB, quit keeping us in suspense.  Does Fidel haff ewe cap sured? Are you running wiff da bulls in Pamplona? Are you doing the laundry for the USA women’s soccer team (hats off to ya if true)? Heck, some of the best of us run off and do crazy things, just axe The Mrs. Tell us. Or give us a clue.  I have no job and no future, I’ll go find you and halp you. 

Your buddy, John

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