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Today’s Killer Quote


The contract between the sexes is no longer valid. The wheels had been in motion for decades prior,  but the motions that destroyed the contract for good occurred in the late 60′s and 70′s. Women were liberated from their contractual obligations by cheap contraception, legalized abortion, no-fault divorce, WIC and welfare for single mothers, punitive child support and alimony payments, sexual harassment laws, and the Violence Against Women Act. And yet, despite giving women the freedom to do as they wish, polite society still holds men to their contractual obligations. We guys are expected to go to college and rack up five-to-six digits worth of debt in order to get a spirit-crushing job in order to be worthy of a woman’s attention. We are expected to pay for dates and save up three months’ worth of pay to buy an overpriced gold ring with a shiny rock on it so our fiancee can brag to her friends. We are expected to blow thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding plus honeymoon in order to please our soon-to-balloon wives. Even worse, popular culture is engaged in a massive campaign to hide the truth from our eyes. How many movies have been made in which the awkward beta loser gets the girl? In which the guy who stays on the straight and narrow is rewarded for it?

In the past, men who played by the rules won out in the end. No more. Women of all types are spreading their legs exclusively for pick-up artists, cads, players, badboys, and other men whom a healthy society would regard as the scum of the earth. Men like George Sodini who succeed and contribute to society have only their right hands for company, while bottom-feeders are drowning in more vaj then they know what to do with. Is this just? Is this right? I wouldn’t have a problem with this if women were honest about which men they preferred to get their pussies pounded by, but they aren’t. This society is dependent on men like Sodini who put in a honest day’s work and obey the law, and without them, the hypergamous utopia of modern women would dissolve like a condom in Vaseline. This is why our mangina and feminist overlords do everything in their power to keep the betas running on their hamster wheels, all the while tightening the nooses around their necks with ever more punishing laws.

Read the whole thing.  I don’t agree with it all, but think upon the portion above, grasshopper.  Young men at the moment don’t have much economic, legal or sexual incentive to marry, to work especially hard or to love their country.  Luckily many of them still do all of these things, but for how long?  What motivation will keep them from extending their hard-partying, narcissistic bachelorhood into their 30s, 40s and beyond?

I believe that  the economic doldrums and social blight of the next five or ten years will be caused not by structural  factors but by the retirement of the last generation of the motivated.  No “stimulus” will replace a workforce that was driven by a desire to feed their families and buy a home and make things “better” for the kids.  Single guys on the make do not purchase three bedrooms in suburbia, and they do not take second jobs to buy  braces and Christmas presents.  They spend their free time playing Halo, watching football with their buddies and picking up women.

If you think that will lead to a booming economy, best of luck to you.

As things gradually go to pot, I like to think there will be a movement toward the…