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Bob Belvedere Pounds the Nail, Beautifully

Our blog friend Bob Belvedere, Prop., The Camp of the Saints, hits the nail on the head with The Levellers.   Bob’s post is a commentary on two posts by The Great Robert Stacy McCain, so let us give due genuflection, but Bob goes on to tie it all together so neatly:

To achieve equality, everyone and every thing must be brought down to the lowest level existing. Such thinking about equality brings nothing — absolutely nothing — but equal suffering and equal despair. It requires enslavement of the population because the human soul desires freedom which brings about [glorious] inequality.  Those who have resisted such submission, who have fought The Levellers, have often found themselves staring down the wrong end of the barrel of a gun or imprisoned in a mental institution.

What I like to call “radical equality” is not just a tenet of LiberaloProgressivism, it the very heart and soul of the program, the base of the pyramid, the coughing, wheezing engine of the junky old jalopy.  And it is, of course, impossible to achieve in reality, in this universe.  Bob brings in Rand for a few devastating, well-chosen words:

They turn the word into an anti-concept: they use it to mean, not political, but metaphysical equality—the equality of personal attributes and virtues, regardless of natural endowment or individual choice, performance and character. It is not man-made institutions, but nature, i.e., reality, that they propose to fight—by means of man-made institutions.

And to bring this back to the beginning, but now hopefully with more understanding, this is why three-year-old children and 80-year-old nuns are groped equally by TSA at the airport, why less-qualified people are given jobs and college placements over the more qualified based on race, color, “gender”, national origin and “sexual preference”, why actually enforcing federal law at the border is “racist” and a thousand other outrages, large and small, that most Americans, and Europeans, have become largely inured to over the last 50 years.

It cannot stand, and it will not stand.  The Tea Party and the revolt at the airports are signs that we are not “sheeple” and that perhaps we are awakening now to the reality outside of progressive/liberal fantasyland, the reality of human difference and hard, cold fact and nasty religious bullies that won’t stop because we apologize for the “Crusades.”  And for that matter, plenty of other evil people that won’t stop what they’re doing because we have a sign in the window that says “War is not the Answer.”

When the Confederates tried to secede from the United States, war was the answer.  One does wonder, if BHO or Jimmuh Kotter had been president instead of Lincoln, would negotiations have been opened and the Dept. of Peace established and would there now be 12 million slaves from Virginia to New Mexico to Honduras?

There is a reality, outside of of human hopes and dreams and desires, outside of our fantasies of no child left behind and imagining nothing to kill or die for, above us only sky.  When a tree falls in a forest, it does make a fucking sound, whether anyone is there to hear it or not.  When Janet Napolitano gropes your wife’s crotch, it does not make us safer from Muslim terrorists.

Don’t teach your children to celebrate diversity, teach them to celebrate reality.