RNC has just $5 million for final push–BECAUSE THOSE ASSHATS SUPPORT RINOs

Awwwww, the poor dears.  The dollar spigot has dried up at a time when Republican fortunes are seen as rising.  Some f f fear that perhaps the great poll numbers for the generic “Republican” over the “Dem0crat” will fail to result in real, live Republicans getting elected, because the RNC does not have much money for the final weeks before the fall elections. 

I believe the adults have taken the car keys away from the juveniles and re-asserting their authority.  RNC supported Crist and Specter.  ’nuff said.

You want our money? Grow up. Become responsible adults. Quit supporting every RINO and Establishment worthless P.O.S. who comes down the pike in a knee jerk fashion.  Spend our money wisely. Then, perhaps, we will give you more money to work with. Oh, yeah, and get rid of that loser Steele.  TIA.

John Doe

8 responses to “RNC has just $5 million for final push–BECAUSE THOSE ASSHATS SUPPORT RINOs

  1. Getting rid of Steele should be the first step. After that, I’m sure the Republican coffers will once again overflow with cash.

  2. On the money JD! Steele needs to go, why give money to monilithic Repub comittee when you can just give to the candidate, they pick the wrong horse as much as not anyway. People to go out and knock on doors and talk about these candidates are always needed, actually as important as dough. Never forget (I know you haven’t) these are local races decided on local issues as well as national.

  3. Hey JDee…I donnoe…

    My gurrls and guyes tell me Wall Street has been swingin’ real sweet and diggin’ real deep fer the GOP…!

    Don’t dat count…Hon…?

    Yer gonna be a damn big disappointment to some gee damn, sorry, arse, hedge funders…with them kinda thoughts…

    Dang it…I hate ‘er, when you do dat…!

  4. Hey Kehoe…
    I’m thinkin’ yah gotta a very “fine” …fist on the handle…
    Keep on keepin’ on…Kehoe
    You dah, honey…hon…

  5. Hey JD…
    I’m up 5.1%…
    …and yers…
    …no shit…!

  6. Holy Jesus, JDee…send me yer “brokers” name…!

  7. Serves them right. Knowledgeable people are going through the Tea Party movement to identify the candidates they like, and are donating to them directly.

    It’s also been suggested on 2.0: The Blogmocracy that Sarah Palin would be a good replacement for Steele. I concur.

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