Cash for Clunkers

Does this look like a "clunker" to  you?

Does this look like a "clunker" to you?

Since “Cash for Clunkers” supposedly “works” so well, why stop there? I heard some liberal moron (sorry for the redundancy) exclaiming yesterday that the Cash for Clunkers worked better than any other stimulus the government had devised so far.  The GWB “stimulus checks” had gone to pay bills or been socked away and had not stimulated the economy. The mass majority of The Obamster’s stimulus package had either gone to his cronies’ pockets or not been spent yet.

But [he claimed] the Cash for Clunkers had gone right into stimulating the economy. People rushed to the show rooms and bought cars, which earned money for the dealers, and which eventually would keep the UAW-owned companies alive for awhile longer.  Course most of the cars being purchased are made in Japan, but shhhhh, liberals don’t want to know the truth, they want to feel good.

But as long as we are paying tax payers’ hard earned money to people who don’t deserve it, let’s take this idea further. How about paying people to buy a motorcycle?  Motorcycles get over 50 mpg and are way cooler looking than frumpy Hondas. And how about paying people $4,500 each to hire a lawyer? Even let them pool their money and file class action lawsuits? We lawyers need a break, too!

And how about $4,500 to let people buy a new house? Not enough, you say? OK, how about $45,000? Or $450,000 per family? Everybody gotta have a house. All those illegal immigrants need a job building those houses. And they can turn in their old, energy inefficient ones to be destroyed, or left for the drug addicts to camp out in, as they do in Detroit.

Let’s not stop there! Everybody needs a Big Screen T.V.  One with all the bells and whistles.  None are manufactured in the USA? So, the electronics salesman need jobs, too. Can we get some free money for “Madden 2009” to go along with it?

And the “Cruise Industry” is hurting! How about $4,500 for everybody to take a cruise?  Vegas’ business is way down. I’d love $4,500 for a trip to the strip.

And my house could use new “energy efficient” appliances.  (It is 10 years old and I did not own it when it was new, so don’t blame me.)  How about $25,000 for a new A.C. system, washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, fridge and freezer? Trash those suckers, like they are doing to the “clunkers” and let me save all those evil dollars spent on electricity! WIN WIN BAAAABY! 

As long as we are bankrupting our country and mortgaging our childrens’ and their childrens’ futures, let’s go into hock big time!  Or, we could just give everybody a huge permanent tax break and let each person make their own financial decision based upon their own judgment as to what is in their own economic best interest.  Nawww! Government knows best how to spend our grandchildrens’ money!  What was I thinking?

UPDATE 8/5/09 Great minds think alike… David Hersanyi

“Here’s an idea: Let’s give $50,000 to anyone looking to upgrade to a brand-spanking-new, environmentally friendly home. All we ask in return is that you burn your previous residence into a heap of smoldering cinder.”

….”This week, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood claimed that “cash for clunkers” had benefited domestic car companies, particularly Ford. When The Associated Press requested data to verify this contention, the most transparent administration ever to grace God’s soon-to-be-unblemished Earth refused to release the data.

“The AP reported that “the limited information released so far shows most buyers are not picking Ford, Chrysler or General Motors vehicles, and six of the top 10 vehicles purchased are Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.”

“If those numbers are correct, take it as a positive sign that companies that avoided the orgy of corporate welfare are exceeding expectations.

“But unless your idea of success is transferring wealth from one citizen to another for no tangible economic or environmental benefit, “cash for clunkers,” like much of what passes as stimulus these days, is a major dud.”

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