Daily Archives: August 14, 2009


“Squeaky” Fromme was freed!  She tried to kill a President. All Sirhan Sirhan did was kill a Senator who was running for President. Come on, liberals, let’s get behind this one. You’ve done it before! You’ve tried to free a cop killer. Remember “Free Mumia”?  Well, take it one step further and free a Senator killer.  Free Sirhan Sirhan! FREE SIRHAN SIRHAN!

MORE PROOF that I am a racist!

Besides always being called that when as I destroy the pathetic arguments of angry liberals. It’s not Obama’s socialist policies I destest, it’s being ruled by a black man. Right Kathleen Parker?

Stogie‘s response to The Ignorant Bitch:

 “Of course, if Obama were a WHITE socialist, we’d say ‘Sign me up!’ You see, we don’t mind scarcity, rationing, poverty, despotism and despair, as long as the boot on our neck belongs to a white guy.”