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Could it be Bikini time?

No time to write substantively, but time for a little random Rule 5 action. (Honey, if you read this, it only took me about 2 minutes to add this new post–I really am working at 6:09 pm on Sunday! My client just left and I am chillin for a few.) Continue reading

Liberals FINALLY are going to be outraged by the massacre of Israeli citizens.

Some Israelis are more deserving of outrage when they are murdered than others, as viewed through the liberal prism.

The Jerusalem Post: “Two people were killed on Saturday night and several others were wounded when a gunman burst into a gay community center in the heart of Tel Aviv and opened fire with a machine gun.” 

If these were Muslim terrorists, I’d say they stepped in some deep shit.  Obama’s Muslim past and his desire to “re-start” the Muslim and U.S.A. relationship will be trumped over the universal outcry amongst his liberal base to condemn this attack. Liberals as a rule despise Israel, and side with the Palestinians.  Why you wanna piss them off, Achmed?

The real deep-thinking conspiracy theorist kooks will look even deeper at this and claim that it is some Mossad plot to garner Obama’s sympathy, so that he will support Israel’s bombing of Iranian nukes.  Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just telling you what will be out on the net soon, if it isn’t there already…

The time for armed revolt has arrived

the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

In Venezuela.    Somebody needs to kill that bastard Hugo Chavez.  He is shutting down dissident radio stations. No, wait! Just three years ago Venezuela enacted strict gun-control laws. Never mind. The citizens have been disarmed.  Look what happened three years ago:

July 2, 2006 headline: “Venezuela Announces Gun Control Plan to Lower Crime” [wink wink]  

“Caracas, Venezuela, July 2, 2006–The Venezuelan Ministry of Justice announced the creation of a new firearms control plan on Wednesday, in an attempt to decrease excessive violence in Venezuela. The plan will be presented to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in two weeks, and could begin to be implemented by the end of July.”

“The National Weapons Control Plan was announced by the Minister of Justice and Interior, Jesse Chacon, who proclaimed it to be an important piece of the larger security policies that the Ministry of Interior and Justice has been developing.”

That article went on to report the following: [PLEASE NOTE, I did NOT make this shit up!  I know, I know, it sounds  like something that I would create.]

“The five projects that we are going to present in order to begin the execution [of the plan] consist in establishing a permanent monitoring mechanism regarding the entrance of weaponry to Venezuela and find the way to carry out the following: a consciousness-raising campaign for the population, so that they turn in their weapons voluntarily; the promotion of updated legislation that establishes dispositions on the control of firearms; promote the participation of the community in the disarmament programs; and coordinate different actions with key players focused on this issue,” announced Chacon. Continue reading

The Faggots are Winning

you are a F*****!

you are a F*****!

Back when I was younger, faggots stayed in the closet, and rightfully so. What they do behind closed stalls is dispicable.  Now, in less than fifty years, what they do is not just “tolerated” but celebrated.  And a major college football head coach has been suspended for thirty days and fined over $90,000 for saying a dance done by the Notre Dame football team was a “faggot dance.” 

And a little politically correct faggot writing about the episode couldn’t even bring himself to spell the word out.  Writing of the incident he wrote: …”he called an Irish team dance a f***** dance.”  Can’t you just see that writer’s little faggot limp-wrist running off to tell mommy? “Oh, mommy, he said a potty-mouth! He used the F-word!”  No, mommy, not fuck! I wouldn’t tattle on him for that! It was THE F-word!”

Mommy, Mommy! See what I wrote Mommy? That writer goes on (apparently breathless): “What McMackin [the coach] said was an outrage. Unacceptable anywhere. In public, in the locker room. Anywhere. And in this case, it was at a press conference discussing the upcoming season. Cameras. Notebooks. Scribbling pens. Microphones. And a coach, representing his university, who thinks a dance doesn’t look manly. So he uses the universal word in locker rooms, dugouts, playgrounds.” Continue reading