Daily Archives: August 22, 2009

How ObamaCare seeks to partner with God



ObamaCare will tell you what you can eat, and drink, and smoke, and how much you can weigh. After all, since we are all in this together, we all have a vested interest in keeping the citizens healthy.

ObamaCare will tell you what procedures you can have, how soon you can have them, or if you can have them. You–TOO OLD! You, over there, TOO FAT!  You, yeah you— too Republican. Unless of course you want an abortion–abortions free for all!

ObamaCare will further bloat Government (more unionized government workers = more thugs to keep voting for Democrats).  The post office in charge of your health care–what could go wrong?

Where does God fit in you ask? First, it allows Obama to falsely play upon the consciences of those who believe in God. Obama doesn’t, he just pretends. But he argues “support ObamaCare for the children” and because “that’s what Jesus would do.”  And Second, when rationing comes, and you are too old or too feeble or too [insert whatever reason the Government invents], then your only option will be to pray to God for help because ObamaCare ain’t going to do a damn thing for you. 

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

p.s. My own little rift, inspired by the incomparable IOWAHAWK.