Are liberal bloggers discouraged?

Perusing the Blognetnews I see that most of the liberal and progressive blogs are as quiet as Al Gore at an all you can eat buffet.  Is it just discouragement after the Democrat candidates got their brains beat in last election? Or are they ashamed of the way that the Dems in power at the national level are behaving?

Heaven forbid, are they even honestly reassessing their positions based upon the fraud that is currently known as Climate Gate?  Hah!  Progressives never change their opinions based on facts, they change facts to support their opinions.  But really, has anybody seen a blog comment from one of our “Blue” this or blew that Virginia bloggers that defends the people whose emails were exposed? Or one that tries to make light of the exposures of the e-mails?   It is almost as though an international conspiracy of silence has been imposed.  Shhh. Don’t mention Climate Gate.  It’ll all blow away in the next news cycle. Some rich dude will get beat up by his wife with a golf club or something!


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