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Beauty is only skin deep

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President Obama lung cancer?

I noticed two different trashy tabloids had as their cover stories that President Obama is sick with lung cancer.  Drudge now has a link to where the President was asked about rumors of him losing weight.  He denies that he has lost any weight.  Natch, an article about him losing weight was carried in a foreign newspaper.  Domestic newspapers don’t  have the balls to think for themselves and ask hard questions.

I don’t think he has brain cancer, because I don’t believe God listens to this guy.  Maybe his cancer is Sarah Palin.  David Brooks called her a “fatal cancer” before the election.  

Who believes those trashy mags?  Not me.  But John Edwards does.  Besides, I’m guessing that he is more at risk for ovarian cancer, or breast cancer.

O Sick Won

Richmond Virginia law firm sued for sexual harassment

Williams, Mullen,” one of the largest law firms in Richmond, has been sued in Federal Court for sexual harassment, age discrimination, and discrimination based on national origin. Jerry Kilgore works there.

Bob "cucumber" Eicher

Robert Eicher, a senior lawyer at the firm, who, according to the firm’s website, also happens to be chair of the Virginia State Bar’s Disciplinary Board for a term expiring on July 1, 2009.  [That means that he has power to decide whether other lawyers have committed ethical violations, and potentially to be partially responsible for having them disbarred!]  The Complaint alleges that he put a cucumber in his pants pocket and then pressed up against the plaintiff and several other female employees of the firm. 

According to Style Weekly, this isn’t the only complaint of abuse: “Late last year, six former employees and one employee still on the job filed discrimination claims with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging a hostile work environment and unequal terms and conditions of employment. All charges were dismissed.”

AND IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE THAT THE FIRM HAS LEARNED ITS LESSON?  You be the judge, based upon recent comments published in the Virginia Lawyers’ Weekly: Continue reading

Attorney General Holder’s decision to try KSM in Federal Court

The true cause of that decision has now been revealed. You thought it was based on the principle of the “rule of law”? No, it’s based on “principle” alright, but not that principle. It’s based on “The Peter Principle“.  Holder is a dumb hack who has been elevated to a much higher level than his intellect and experience warrant.  Just the same as the community organizer who appointed him. H/T der Smitty-meister at “The Other McCain” (via Newsbusters) for this great catch.   

Obama Administration cut enforcement against illegal aliens

Elections have consequences.  Voting for an inexperienced moron could lose you your job.  The Obama administration has drastically reduced enforcement of our laws against illegal aliens.  

Criminal arrests, administrative arrests, indictments and convictions of illegal immigrants at work sites all fell by more than 50 percent from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2009.”

Guess what? That means more illegal aliens taking up more jobs, and less jobs for Americans and legal immigrants. 

Why is the Obama Administration doing it? To curry favor with the hispanic population. They are buying votes with our jobs. And now they want to make all illegal aliens legal residents.  You suckers who voted for Obama have been had.

Come on in, Obama don't care!

The “Google Dance”

I learn something new every day. I always have noticed that the  “hits” to my blog vary from day to day, and from week to week.  Sometimes going nuts, and sometimes dropping perilously low.  Well one cause, aside from my sometimes inane blather, is that Google rejiggers the system monthly. Google Dance explained.  And there are ways to game the system.  I’ve not tried it yet, but I might… [Hey, stick with my blog, and you too might learn something.]

We already have “the Public Option” for legal representation

Decades ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that those charged with crimes  had a right to counsel, and if they could not afford an attorney, the public was forced to pay for one for them.  The results have been less than spectacular.  This is not a slam on the courageous and dedicated men and women who represent those who cannot afford an attorney, it is an indictment on the system.

I can only address what happens in Virginia but I assume other states handle their indigent legal problems in a similar manner.  In Virginia the poor can get representation either from a “Public Defender”, The Legal Aid Society” or by having “a court appointed lawyer.”  None of these options is desirable.  We do not have enough Public Defenders to go around, besides the fact that they are underpaid.  The Legal Aid Society has the same problems, and they do not handle criminal cases. And the court appointed system in Virginia is broken. Continue reading

UCLA “Tuition Riot”

Looks like all those little progressives and liberals want everybody else to pay for their college education. Typical hypocrites.  Raise everyone else’s taxes so that we can get our education subsidized. Get a loan, you pathetic pieces of shit. Get jobs. Go to a cheaper school, or live with a student loan. That’s what the rest of us had to do.

UPDATE: UCLA’s endowment, as of 2008, was $1.6 Billion (yes, that’s BILLION).  Just don’t cramp the style of those little commies who go there!