Daily Archives: November 21, 2009

Trampoline practice for Cirque du Soleil

Kinda cool, especially for a guy who hates heights, and who once smashed his face on his knee jumping on a trampoline…

Homer Simpson house

A builder made a house that was designed inside and out to look just like the Simpson house.  (Sorry, I’ve already forgotten to whom to give a hat tip.)  More pics here. Continue reading

Sarah Palin is my hero, not necessarily my leader

I’d be squeamish if she won the Republican nomination for the next presidential election.  Hey, I would vote for her over Obama any day of the week. But I think we can and must do better.  See, e.g., Sen. Jim DeMint,  Liz Cheney,  Gov. Rick Perry, etc.

But she is a hero.  She fights. She says it like it is. She speaks truth to power. She rallies the conservative base.  She fights.  Attack her, you attack me.  And I fight, too.  I don’t “play fair.”

Or 2016. Or 2020....

Is she seasoned enough to be President right now? Not in my opinion.  I’d prefer a couple of more decades of seasoning.  Hell, Reagan wasn’t elected until he was almost too old.  Margaret  Thatcher was 54 when she first became Prime Minister.  Sarah Palin is only 45.  So let me be one of the first to say it: SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Palin, litmus paper

Litmus paper turns color, red or blue, depending upon the acidity

What color are you?

(red) or the alkalinity (blue) of an aqueous solution.  [For some odd reason, that made me remember Al Kaline, great Hall of Fame right fielder for the Tigers.]  The paper does not change, it is just an acid-base indicator.  In the same way, Sarah Palin does not change, but she is a conservative/moderate, liberal and Progressive indicator. 

Sarah Palin does not change, but you can tell a lot about each person by how they react to Sarah Palin.  The further to the left a person is on the political spectrum–the more blue to purple that person is– the more that person hates, despises and attacks Palin.  The further to the right a person is on the spectrum– the more pink to red that person is–the more that person loves and admires, or at least sticks up for and protects Sarah Palin.  But either way, Sarah Palin merely reveals the essence of the political philosophy of each particular person. 

Some who we thought were ultra liberals stuck up for her, and condemned those who viciously attacked her.  Others whom we suspected of being squishy-cons confirmed our concerns by attacking her.  Continue reading

Call your Senators–MELT THE PHONES!

They are voting to socialize medical care today!  Don’t believe those who said “ObamaCare is dead on arrival” in the Senate.  Sen. Ben Nelson has already indicated that he will vote yes.  Sen. Reid has already purchased Sen. Landrieu’s vote.  Sure, you probably think that you Senators’ votes are a) “safe” or b) beyond hope.  But do you want to sit back and do nothing? How will you explain that to your children and grand children? It will only take a few seconds. What else do you have to do that is so important this Saturday??? 

Go here for the contact information of your Senators. All you have to do is plug in your zip code and their info pops up!