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Michelle Malkin adored here

Ummm. This IS NOT a Rule 5 post.  Really, Smitty, it isn’t.  This is a Michelle Malkin for President in 2016 blog comment.


Jesse's a lucky man















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Why I don’t attack fellow conservatives

I believe that Ronald Reagan’s “Eleventh Commandment* should more properly be applied to fellow conservatives,  not to fellow Republicans. As we all know, some fellow Republicans are traitors (see, e.g., Arlen Specter and Dede ScUzzafavo).  Some are Republican In Name Only. Some need to be spoken ill of.

carrie-prejean-topless-photoBut I hold my fire on fellow conservatives.  I find that many of my conservatives do not follow my lead, and instead attack fellow conservatives with particular relish.  I can think of two reasons why they do so, but neither of them convince me. 

One reason conservatives attack other conservatives is to curry favor with liberals and moderates. “See! I’m attacking X [fill in the  blank with the conservative to be attacked of the day, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Carrie Prejean, etc. ad nauseum].  “So please don’t lump me in with all those other crazy conservatives.  See, I’m relatively normal, I fit in with you guys except I’m a little more conservative than you are.”  Continue reading